cPrime becomes a Leading Provider of Agile implementations and Agile training courses.


cPrime’s Enterprise Agile Consulting Services and Agile Training Courses develop as interest for Agile methodology, transitioning and resources grows.

Foster City, CA July 20th 2010 – cPrime Inc., a Project Management Services Company on the cutting edge of Agile implementations, today announced the launch of a new Agile Development Training Course. cPrime has noticeably become one of the leading providers of agile implementations with the growth of their Enterprise Agile Consulting Services. cPrime makes customized Agile training and coaching available to enterprise companies onsite and on-demand. The new Managing Requirements in Scrum Course will supplement cPrime’s Enterprise Agile Development Course and will serve as the latest comprehensive addition to their full curriculum of Agile and Scrum Development Courses.

Enterprise companies have a growing interest in Agile and Scrum methodologies, which has made cPrime an enormous resource for Agile implementations. cPrime’s Enterprise Agile Consulting services help guide and implement company teams in their transition from legacy SDLC to Agile. Today, with cPrime’s launch of their customized enterprise agile training courses, large company teams get access to expert coaching and mentoring as they journeythrough their agile implementation, but individual Product Managers, Product Owners, and ScrumMasters can also access the resources they need to implement Agile across many industries.

cPrime providesfull life-cycle Agile implementations which are customized for each unique project needs.They have recently begun transitioning gaming companies to Kanban, another framework from the Agile methodology and especially helpful in game development.

cPrime’s Enterprise Agile Development Course provides an extended knowledge of Scrum to a level where project managers can create, manage, and execute a Scrum process for software development. Professionals will have the chance to work through a hands-on simulation of a complete Scrum project, from start to finish, and be ready to launch a Scrum project at their own company. cPrime then offers a more advanced Agile Course, Managing Requirements in Scrum, which is tailored for Project managers, Product Owners, and ScrumMasters already working with Agile projects. The course is a mixture of lecture and hands-on practice which demonstrates how to understand, generate, and plan the requirements on a Scrum project.

The desire for fewer failures and speedier success is driving the rapid adoption of the Scrum process framework, and the increasing need for trained people who can make agile projects successful. Scrum is designed from the start to improve responsiveness to customer needs, reduce waste, and reduce time to market.

The attention is undeniable and cPrime has taken full advantage of the interest by introducing a full curriculum of Agile Development Training Courses and becoming a key contributor of Agile development resources for companies and individuals.cPrime recently released footage of their Sr. Enterprise Agile Consultant, Dr. Kevin Thompson, who compares and contrasts Agile and Waterfall methodologies to a group of Project Managers. The video has had tremendous attention since its release and cPrime only plans to release more informational videos, tutorials and free classes as the interest for Agile Development grows.

The video, Agile, Waterfall & Uncertainty in Project Management, addresses the claim that an agile development processes, such as scrum, are more likely to be successful than traditional waterfall projects. Dr. Kevin Thompson verifies the assertion by performing a simple mathematical analysis of waterfall and agile projects. He models agile and waterfall projects that have identical requirements and shows how they fare when subjected to the same set of unanticipated problems. The results show that the agile project provides clear benefits for Return-on-Investment and risk reduction compared to the plan-driven, waterfall, project.

cPrime has taken advantage of the Agile methodology enthusiasm and plans continue to develop more Agile courses and valuable resources for Project Managers and companies excited about the methodology.

About cPrime:
cPrime is a project management consulting, staffing and training services company on the front lines of technology and methodology.
cPrime is on the cutting edge of Agile implementations. Their Agile Project Management engagements help clients adopt Scrum and other Agile practices within the larger program management ecosystem. To learn more about Agile and Scrum please visit cPrime’s Scrum and Agile fact page.