Get your Product Roadmap Back in the Green – March 2013

Get your Product Roadmap Back in the Green and Earn a Pot of Gold!

gold.pngDon’t leave product planning to luck. Let us help you get out of a pinch this St. Patrick’s day with a ½ day Agile Product Roadmapping strategy session. RSVP by March 31st to receive a 50% credit on Agile Services.

In fast-moving environments, product development teams can get lost in the gap that often exists between strategic roadmaps, technical roadmaps, detailed backlogs and task boards. Product Managers, Product Marketers, Product Development Teams and Managers can all benefit from a cohesive Product Roadmap Strategy.

cPrime’s Agile Product Roadmapping Strategy Session will help you and your group to:

  • Define the key components of a strategic development roadmap
  • Describe internal and external techniques for capturing, communicating and leveraging this information
  • Outline the role of a market-driven product roadmap in linking corporate strategy to execution plans
  • Understand the use of scenario planning to assess roadmap choices



Upcoming Agile Webinars:

My Role as an Agile Manager

When software development teams move to Agile methods, managers often wonder what their new roles and responsibilities entail within an Agile environment. Self-organizing Agile teams still need guidance and assistance in achieving goals, however, and managers must support these teams by providing direction, assisting ScrumMasters to remove impediments, and helping program management and business needs fit in to the iterative cycle. ??At a high level, managers will learn how to help teams become Agile and identify the most pressing constraints preventing agility.



The Essential Product Owner: Partnering with the Team

The Product Owner (PO) role is arguably the most crucial role within agile teams. Unfortunately, we often hear horror stories about PO’s who are going it alone—who aren’t available to their teams, who change their minds incessantly on business priorities, and who ignore quality requirements and technical debt. Even the best struggle to meet the many demands of the business while still providing sufficient team guidance. If your are a team or PO struggling to effectively deliver results, you’ll leave with ideas for establishing an ecosystem where the Product Owner and the team drive continuously improving performance.