cPrime Develops a New Agile Workshop Targeted for Human Resources Professionals

cPrime, a leader in Agile training and Agile methodology transformations, announces the launch of a new Agile workshop for Human Resources professionals and functional managers.


Foster City, CA June 12, 2013 – cPrime announces a new workshop geared particularly for HR professionals and functional managers working in organizations that have adopted Agile. HR leads need to understand the impacts of moving from traditional plan-driven methods to Agile methods and the new set of qualifications desired by their organization. The Agile for HR workshop will teach HR leads what qualities to look for, based on the new skill sets that are required and in demand. In addition to explaining the differences between Agile roles and traditional roles, the course will teach leaders how to motivate and incent behaviors of successful Agile teams.

The demand for Human Resources professionals who understand what to look for in this rapidly changing market, is increasing exponentially. By learning the fundamentals of Agile and the impact Agile has on organizations’ hiring needs and employee career paths, professionals can gain the edge they need to succeed with this Agile for HR course. Leaders will learn what it means to adopt Agile roles and responsibilities, and how they can apply them to their specific tasks and responsibilities within their industry.


The course will show what changes are needed to specific hiring practices, including what characteristics and skills are required. By the end of this Agile Training session, HR leads will have grasped all the fundamentals needed to improve their efficiency as a successful Human Resources professional.


This course is taught by Angela Johnson, a Certified Scrum Trainer and Agile Transformation Coach. Angela has successfully implemented Scrum and Agile principles in a variety of projects from web-based applications to enterprise level retail and finance projects, coaching teams, managers, stakeholders and executives.


cPrime is excited to add this new workshop to their curriculum of targeted Agile trainingand implementation courses. To learn more about the course and other courses that are currently being offered, please visit cPrime.