Cprime’s R.A.G.E. is Unleashed; Agile Leaders Rejoice!

Cprime releases R.A.G.E., Recipes for Agile Governance in the Enterprise, a set of proven formulas and principles for exercising Agile Governance at the project, program, and portfolio levels, to empower organizations with large-scale Agile and hybrid projects.

Governance is the formalization and exercise of repeatable decision-making practices. The term Agile governance emphasizes rapid decision-making, based on lightweight artifacts that are developed with minimum effort. Thus, Agile governance can be exercised for projects that are inherently non-Agile, or which contain a hybrid mixture of Agile and other processes.

Agile Governance in the Enterprise

Agile Governance Graphic

Cprime’s Agile Practice Lead, Kevin Thompson, has written a comprehensive white paper, Recipes for Agile Governance in the Enterprise, which illustrates how Agile Governance can be accomplished by defining and using a set of standardized elements: Roles, Ceremonies, Metrics, and Governance Points at the different levels of an organization. Governance Recipes reflect Agile principles throughout, but their application is not restricted to Agile projects. These kinds of recipes may be used for Agile, hybrid, or other projects. Thompson divides levels of governance into Portfolio, Program, and Project levels, and reviews practices appropriate for each.

Cprime puts these principles to practice when working with clients transitioning to Agile methodologies or aligning hybrid projects. The principles act as a guide for how to construct new governance recipes for the unique scenarios that Cprime encounters with clients. Often organizations that are growing rapidly, or whose methodologies are in flux, are the ones who seek help with refining their governance practices.

As organizations grow, so does the need for governance. Small organizations can often function with very informal governance, but are unlikely to grow to large size successfully without some degree of formalism and uniformity. This challenge is commonly best met by providing just enough of the right kind of governance to enable successful collaboration, while avoiding the peril of excessive governance, which becomes an impediment to success.

Unlike alternative frameworks for scaling, which are either too strict or too ambiguous, Cprime has assembled a set of flexible guidelines and principles along with comprehensive solutions for governing within Agile and hybrid projects. The principles are easy to adapt and apply to all types of projects. They give executives guidance on how to develop their own recipes for governance in unique situations.

Cprime continues to inspire organizations by applying the R.A.G.E principles when facing difficulties in defining governance across their organizations. Cprime will be conducting an ongoing follow up webinar series. To find out more please visit Cprime’s the Agile Webinar page.

More about the author of R.A.G.E: Kevin Thompson, Ph.D., has a doctorate in Physics from Princeton University, and extensive background in managing software development projects. He specializes in training individuals, teams, and organizations in agile development. Dr. Thompson helps companies make the challenging transition to Agile development by working with development teams and business stakeholders to identify their needs, define the right process for the business, determine the steps needed to implement the process, and work through the steps successfully.

Cassidy Knight
Cassidy Knight
Agile Coach, Cprime