cPrime at Ebay’s Diwali Celebration

Let it … glow, let it glow

As the darkest nights and shortest days of the year approach, cPrime is proud to share its participation in this year’s eBay Diwali festival of lights celebration.


Diwali takes place on the darkest night of the year, a new moon in October and brings light back into our lives as the days grow shorter, and the sun scarcer. Diwali takes place over 5 days of celebration, prayers and hopes for the New Year. There is a cleansing of the home, fresh clothes and a fresh outlook on what is to come in the New Year. The culmination is a festival of lights where participants fill the night with color and light from Diyas (small, earthen oil lamps) released into the river Tigres to huge fireworks displays for crowds of celebrants.

While eBay did not set off any fireworks in the venue, there was plenty of traditional song, dance and delicious treats – proudly sponsored by cPrime. Some of the delicious treats provided by cPrime included pani puri, chaat, Indian masala chai and various other sweets prepared and served by a local street food vendor.

Our unabashed representatives ate, danced and celebrated in the spirit of cleansing, brightening and renewal. Even folks new to the Diwali celebration came decked out in traditional Indian attire to show a little joy and team spirit for this day of brightness and color. Employees, consultants and interns were invited and several eBay employees kindly brought their beautiful sarees for the ladies to wear.

As we enter the new year, the cPrime team would like to wish everyone extra portions of sweets, light, color, dance, renewal and hope.