3 Ways Atlassian Plugins Unlock the Power of Agile

If you’re currently using any of the Atlassian core products, such as JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo, or Stash, you’re no doubt aware of how powerful they are. But, out of the box, the fact is these incredible software tools are not going to solve all your problems or make your life easier.

That’s because Atlassian builds stellar platforms on which solutions are built, but not always the solution itself. Which is why add-ons and plugins are so valuable, and Atlassian’s support of their development is so smart.

1. Make JIRA and Confluence Wholly Agile

The JIRA platform does an excellent job of tracking projects across teams, and the Confluence platform is unparalleled for tracking and sharing information.

But, with the addition of powerful plugins like JIRA Program: A Dependency Visualizer can take seemingly disparate data and turn it into highly visual and actionable insights into your ongoing project management environment – in this case, real-time scheduling and resource allocation – so you can make better decisions.

3. Help Monitor Internal Agile Processes

Beyond tracking and optimizing the project management workflow, add-ons can also be integrated to internally monitor use of the Atlassian applications themselves.

Similarly, Tempo Timesheets uses internal JIRA usage to automatically allow for accurate and easily reported time tracking of employees working with the system.

How to Access Atlassian Plugins

Because we understand the power of Atlassian plugins, we’re proud to announce a new initiative we’ve undertaken called cPrime Labs .

The purpose is to develop and make available powerful plugins for the Atlassian suite of applications that will provide practical help for those looking to get more out of the software in an Agile environment. We currently have several products already in production or soon to be there, but we’re especially excited to be able to offer custom plugin development for specific needs that can be identified in your unique organization.

Contact cPrime Labs with any questions or requests for assistance regarding custom Atlassian add-ons, and we’ll be happy to help.