Visualize Your Release Plan with Program Boards a new JIRA Plugin

Release planning can be complicated, even chaotic, under the best of circumstances. Of course, “the best of circumstances” rarely come together in real life. Instead, you’re probably dealing with:

• Team members in multiple countries, multiple time zones, and using multiple platforms
• Epics that have not been fully decomposed into stories because they’ve come down last minute from above
• The standard unpredictability of human beings who get sick, go on vacation, or in some other way throw an unintentional monkey wrench into a perfect release plan

It’s understandable why release planning tends to strike fear in the hearts of product owners and scrum masters worldwide. Now, a new plugin from cPRime is making your favorite work flow application better and release planning en easier.

Introducing: New Program Boards Plugin for JIRA

JIRA has long been considered one of the agile project manager’s secret weapons in the war on inefficiencies. Thousands rely on JIRA’s flexible interface to duplicate or take the place of a messy scrum board while managing anything from one sprint to an entire product release plan.

Still, program boards did have some limitations.

Historically, cross-team dependencies – people, knowledge, or resources needed by more than one part of the project – presented a challenge to even the most savvy agile JIRA user. These cross-team dependencies can create serious roadblocks to the successful completion of a given story or feature, or even throw off the timing of an entire release.

cPrimeLabs is proud to introduce a new plugin to Atlassian’s suite of JIRA add-ons that solves this issue among several others, making release planning a far more intuitive, stress free process.

The plugin is called Program Boards for JIRA and it was created with the busy Product Owner or Scrum Master in mind. With the familiar JIRA framework at its core, Program Boards for JIRA expands the familiar into the fantastic with a full-program view for planning and on-the-fly adjustments to account for human unpredictability. With the new features, users can now:

• Break down Epics to individual stories and features
• Assign each an appropriate time box and sprint
• Label dependencies as they become evident
• Receive immediate feedback regarding any potential cross-dependencies that could get in the way of success.

Using simple drag-and-drop navigation, users can reallocate work across teams and projects, prioritize work within a sprint or across multiple sprints, reassign scope, and determine average team velocity and constraints.

The entire release planning and managing process is now available at your fingertips like you’ve never seen it before. With the efficiencies created by the Program Boards plugin, you’re set to save time and money while starting to actually enjoy release planning. Request a demo today to see how it can work for your team.

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