cPrime 2.0

Some of you may have noticed the visual changes sprinkled throughout our website and materials. The most recognizable change is probably our logo. Yea, we vamped that up a bit. I wanted to take a quick moment to discuss these changes, and more importantly, why we felt the need for the update.

First off, we needed our branding to change because we have changed. A few months back, cPrime joined the Alten Group, the €1.2 Billion European leader in Technology Consulting and Engineering. This was huge for us, but that was only the tip of the iceberg. Much of our business and service lines have slowly evolved over the past few years. cPrime has always focused on building comprehensive Agile solutions. In the past, we brought together the best of recruiting, training and consulting services, which made for many successful Agile transformations at the project and program levels.

When we looked at our business, we were proud, but still saw room to grow. More recently, we have massively built upon that. We have grown our bench of Agile experts and coaches, and now have 150+ Agile experts with different areas of expertise; we have increased our breadth of Agile training classes and now regularly hold Agile training classes across the country. We have expanded geographically with new offices in Denver, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Virginia, and now London! And lets not forget to talk about the two new, big boys. Scaling Agile Services and Agile Technology Services.

We knew we needed to attack the Program and Portfolio levels and provide solutions that started from the top, down; a full scale, Enterprise Agile Transformation. Agile Portfolio Management often seemed like a topic that was tip-toed around; often mentioned, but seldom defined. Project and Pilot transformations were a piece of cake, and the program level transformations came pretty easily too. So we attacked the Portfolio full force. Our Agile Practice Lead, Kevin Thompson soon after developed the RAGE Framework, Recipes for Agile Governance in the Enterprise. You can read more about RAGE here.

While all that was going on, we were simultaneously building our Agile Software practice. Our clients were having trouble managing the processes that we were implementing because their tools no longer coincided with what they were doing. Because we work so closely with our clients on engagements, we were able to really hone in and identify the need to link process and technology. In just two short years, we have built a whole new suite of services, focused around Agile software and have become trusted expert partners with the leading software vendors like Atlassian and VersionOne. You can learn more about our Agile Software services here.

So where does that bring us today? I like to call it cPrime 2.0. Today, we truly bring together the Agile services that optimize and scale the People, Processes and Technology at every level of any organization. cPrime’s primary value to clients is characterized by main things: Diversity and Customization. We deliver a suite of services, through the best experts, tailored to fit client’s unique needs, in a manner that brings the most value and quickest results. That is the new cPrime and that is why we continue to evolve and grow.