Confluence-based intranet with Linchpin and diagramming with

October 13th, 2017 in Foster City, CA, cPrime and //SEIBERT/MEDIA announce a strategic partnership to offer Linchpin intranet and diagrams to cPrime customers. Linchpin and enable real team collaboration and knowledge management to support top down and bottom up communication.

Zubin Irani, cPrime’s CEO said, “As the need for improved collaboration between teams continues to grow, we believe this partnership will allow us to address some of the pain points we hear from our customers. We want to make sure we can support teams using Atlassian’s Confluence collaboration tool to connect and collaborate most effectively. This partnership will enable cPrime’s Agile and Atlassian consulting practices to further strengthen the necessary alignment between Agile and DevOps teams. ”

Both companies will dedicate time to sharing knowledge and best practices specific to each other’s skills and products. Irani went on, “//SEIBERT/MEDIA is the biggest Atlassian partner in Germany and the DACH region and are especially strong with their product focus on Confluence.”

Martin Seibert, CEO of //SEIBERT/MEDIA, “cPrime is the strongest partner in the USA and that’s a strong vote of confidence for their capabilities to best service the US customers. Our products for Confluence-based intranet and diagramming are in high demand in the States. It has been very challenging for us in the past to satisfy these needs, especially finding local partners to provide consulting and professional services whose practice and solutions align similarly with our own.”

cPrime’s head of partner relations, Dan Frost said, “I am looking forward to working with Martin and his team to reach new target groups with our consulting services. We are seeing increasing demand from business teams for intranet solutions that are often driven by corporate communications, HR, and marketing departments with a different set of requirements and use cases. Offering Linchpin intranet to them will be a significant step forward for these customers and our work with them.”

About the products


Linchpin is a mature and powerful social intranet platform. The focus is on effective collaboration and reduced complexity through user-specific personalization. As an intuitive collaboration system, Linchpin promotes individual and team responsibility (Intranet 2.0), and acts as a knowledge management system that supports controlled information sharing (Intranet 1.0).

The ways in which diagrams are used in Confluence are endless. provides both a wealth of functionality for power users and basic features for casual users. Numerous toolbars offer hundreds of visual elements, which can be positioned in the drawing area with drag & drop, and can be freely adjusted, moved, scaled, and rotated. Toolbars can also be activated and deactivated with just a click – you always have the choice between a lean and efficient interface, or one with the full range of features displayed.

Power Scripts for Jira

Power Scripts for Jira is the most powerful Script Automation tool on the market, providing automation and unlimited power to enhance and automate your most complex IT workflows. With Power Scripts, you can effortlessly harness the full power of Jira with limited programming expertise. Manipulate the Jira UI, integrate unlimited databases or back-office systems, specify custom workflow post functions and validators, and so much more!

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