DevSecOps with Snyk and Cprime

Delight both Security and Development teams with Cloud Native Application Security

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Developer-first Cloud Native Application Security

Identify security vulnerabilities quickly and early with automated remediation and actionable insights and trusted experts

DevSecOps Solutions

Infuse a security mindset into the execution of a nimble and automated DevOps practice

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DevSecOps Boot Camp

This DevSecOps training boot camp is the most practical, in-depth educational solution for teams who want to understand, apply, and improve their skills on “shifting left” in IT security.

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Snyk Implementation

Get started with Snyk and DevSecOps the right way, with trained experts and best practices according to your business processes.

Snyk + Atlassian Integration

Providing a bridge between mission critical tooling to serve security teams, dev teams and managers.

Joining with partners to deliver better value together

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Fast or Secure? You Can Only Pick Two

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