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Agile Workshop for Human Resource Professionals

Agile Workshop for Human Resource Professionals

Agile methods are becoming mainstream. As organizations adopt this way of working asking people to work together in self-organized, empowered, cross-functional teams, what changes does this pose to Human Resources Professionals? Agile roles differ from those of traditional methods and structures. How does this affect Human Resource hiring practices? This workshop will provide Human Resource Professionals an understanding of what the paradigm shift to Agile methods means for them. In addition to the differences between Agile roles and traditional roles, we’ll take a look at how to motivate and incent the behaviors of successful Agile teams and challenges to traditional career path options.

Tune into our 1 Hour webinar preview on March 11. REGISTER NOW [EVENT_ESPRESSO_CATEGORY event_category_id=”virtual-1-1390331434″]

Professional Development

Participants will be eligible to report 4 PDUs to the PMI

Who is the course right for?

This course is for Human Resource Professionals or Functional Managers who want to understand differences and impacts in moving from traditional team member roles to Agile roles.

What will the course cover?

  • What is Agile and where did it start? Review for understanding on the Agile values and principles
  • What is meant by self-organization and cross-functionality
  • Agile roles and responsibilities
  • Motivating Agile Teams
  • Changes needed to hiring practices including what characteristics and skills are needed
  • Organizational impacts: compensation and career path
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