Remote Facilitated PI Planning Package

Focus on the work, not the logistics. This fixed-price offering includes all of the coaching, facilitation, teleconferencing, and tooling needed to run the actual planning event.

Expertise: Cprime Coaches

Two (2) Cprime SAFe® coaches will be provided to prepare for and facilitate the planning event and are responsible for the activities described below.

Facilitation Technology: SAI Collaborate or Mural

SAI Collaborate: A platform, owned by Scaled Agile, supports multi-user collaboration and provides the visibility for teams to easily plan together.

Mural: Used to create diagrams, which are popular in design thinking and agile methodologies, as well as tools to facilitate more impactful meetings and workshops.

Communication Technology: Zoom or Slack

Zoom: Video conferencing platform to support multiple breakout sessions as needed to support the event. (This can also be replaced with your own teleconferencing solution)

Slack: A channel based communication tool that helps teams, trains, and organizations stay connected beyond the initial planning cycle.

4 Days and Fixed Cost for Remote PI Planning Execution

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  • Backlog Import into Collaborate: Cprime will import your feature, and story backlog into Collaborate
    from a pre-defined input format which you can populate from your backlog management tool and
    have it staged, as needed, for the planning event.
  • Pre-planning logistics: Cprime will obtain the details of your environment including numbers of
    teams, program level participants, locations/time zones of participants, etc. in order to plan all the
    required logistics for the event.
  • Planning event facilitation: Cprime will support the client Release Train Engineer in the logistics of
    running the planning event so that the RTE can focus on the planning activities themselves rather
    than the meeting logistics.
  • Event retrospective: Cprime will facilitate an event retrospective to gather feedback in order to improve future execution.
  • Export planned backlog from Collaborate: Based on the plans from the teams, Cprime will export the planned backlog into the same format as was used for the import that can then be leveraged to import into your backlog management tool or manually updated as needed. This will be done per team as well as ensuring the Program Board detail is also captured in the export.
  • Event summary: A written summary of all the planning data, retrospective, etc. will be captured and packaged for final documentation of the event.
  • Improvement backlog: Based on Cprime’s observations and information collected during the event, Cprime will provide a list of prioritized improvements that could help improve the planning event and/or help improve the execution of the plan as the PI proceeds.

Fixed price: $30k

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