Jira/Confluence Integration

Learn to use Jira and Confluence together in ways that enable teams to manage projects seamlessly across the two applications. Use Confluence to define product requirements, create Jira epics, stories, and issues and link them directly to the product requirements without ever leaving Confluence.

Jira in the Enterprise

The highly interactive and participative course helps attendees develop a strategy to better understand and deal with the unique challenges associated with installing, configuring, and managing Jira in the enterprise.

Customizing Jira Workflows

Learn about the advanced workflow elements and best practices for configuration. This course discusses workflow components such as statuses, transitions, postfunctions, conditions, and validators and, best practices for using them

Advanced Jira Workflows

Provides an understanding of the various ways that Atlassian JIRA can be tailored to meet specific custom project and process requirements.

Jira User

Basic fundamentals for team members to become proficient with creating issues, using the workflow, assigning issues to other users, attachments, bulk operations, linking issues, searching for issues, saving searches for later use and setting up a personal dashboard.

Jira System Admin

Learn about the different configuration options that are available to the Project Administrator and then will dig into each section of the general Administration in Jira which includes all there is to know about managing and configuring issues for your projects and teams.

Jira Quick Start

Learn the basics of Jira and Jira Agile fundamentals, as well as searching and filters. Attendees will learn how to use Jira to improve and manage their work.

Jira Essentials

Learn how Jira is organized and gain hands-on experience working with the Jira application by performing the most common tasks. Work through real-life scenarios using a preconfigured instance of Jira