Value Flow Workshop

If in 2 weeks you could get one value stream delivering at its maximum capacity, which one would you choose?


Transformation of many years starts with one value stream.

No matter the size or complexity of the transformation your organization plans to implement, you have to start somewhere. By designing all activities within the core value stream to focus on the desired business outcome, focusing on the flow efficiency of the most impactful value stream, and implementing the appropriate toolchain to increase throughput, your team can quickly deliver more value to the customer and improve the employee experience.

We’ve designed the Value Flow Workshop so you could launch a benchmarking end-to-end value stream flow in less than 2 weeks and scale your quick wins across the org with a transformation playbook.

Who needs the workshop?


  • Organizations that are reluctant to start the large-scale transformation in turbulent times with limited budgets;
  • Companies in the process of M&A that need to define and set up new joint flow fast;
  • Teams that are stuck in their ways and need external experts to help them maximize throughput and accelerate value flow


depending on the complexity of the value stream and the number of participants

What is the added value?

As-is Flow Visualization For Team Alignment

During the workshop, your team gains a deeper understanding of flow management, gets a holistic view of one of your current workflows, and identifies areas for improvement by reducing waste and increasing productivity. We help you build an easy-to-use map of the flow and the tool chain that supports it.

A Playbook For Your Transformation

Our workshop provides you with a templated approach to managing flow on a team, a team of teams, or portfolio levels. Together we create a playbook for implementing changes based on your capacity and tools. Our deliverables are actionable and measurable, enabling you to make real improvements on your own.

Ready to re-launch your value stream?

What to expect?

One value stream – the most impact

Fast results with limited investments

Evaluation and optimization in real-time

Actionable deliverables to keep you going

We offer workshops on Value Stream Flow Optimization at one of three levels:

  • Team,
  • Program (Team of Teams),
  • or Portfolio.

We go in-depth with one value stream to give you an understanding of how end-to-end workflow transformation takes place.

Each workshop includes a 1-2 week engagement with a Flow Expert and a Tech Stack Specialist.

Your team will need to invest not more than 16 hours for audit, workshop, and readout.

Your team and our experts work together to:

  • identify flow and educate participants on value flow management,
  • define areas of improvement,
  • assess your toolchain efficiency, gaps, and waste.

As an outcome, your team:

  • is enabled on managing flow at your level;
  • receives a playbook on how to effectively adjust flow;
  • gets the visualization of the tool chain to roadmap automation.

Let’s get rid of the waste in your workflow

Why are we the best for the job?

We provide global expertise for scaling organizations along their journey to Business Agility. Fifty of the Fortune 100 companies are implementing their transformations with the support of our consulting, coaching, training, and development teams.

Together with our 30+ consulting and technology partners we implement, scale, and unite technology stacks from Product Ideation to DevOps to increase throughput, streamline flow, and accelerate value delivery.

A few of our customers

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