Atlassian Confluence

Confluence tips and tricks to get started as your knowledge management tool

Authors: Simone Chen, Swati Jain In an age of information overload, the ability to effectively sort and search through content is only becoming increasingly important. This is no different for companies striving to maintain and build...
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Please Welcome Atlassian Confluence Mobile for Server

How teams and organizations can tap into mobile productivity and reach all employees within an enterprise Today, it’s a given that good software must have a native mobile app to enhance its reach, to support...
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Google Analytics for Confluence Pages

How do you know how many people are looking at the amazing confluence page you have created or how do you know which tool is even suitable to do this job? Let me introduce you...
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Confluence Voting

JIRA and Confluence finally came together to create an amazing tool called Confluence voting. What is Confluence Voting you may ask? In a nut shell Confluence Voting is a Plugin that brings watching and voting...
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