Embedded Systems

Caught between Agile and some hardware?

It’s been validated over the years, Agile has revolutionized the software industry and has become synonymous with software development. Well, in the last couple of years, we have completely challenged the notion that it is...
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Agile for Hardware: How to NOT make a $$$ juicer

You may have seen the news about the well-funded San Francisco startup that developed a $699 juice machine: the Juicero. The Juicero uses a pre-packed blend of fruit or vegetable pulp in a squeezable pouch...
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cPrime and Agile Hardware at AgileCon16

On June 2nd, IIL is brought together the world’s foremost thought leaders and influencers - people who have not only developed, but have successfully applied Agile Project Management and Scrum methods to strategic initiatives, including...
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Agile Hardware: Lessons Preview

By: Kevin Thompson, Ph.D., CSP, PMI-ACP The word most people would expect to follow “Agile” is “Software,” not “Hardware,” but we are finding that the Agile techniques pioneered in software development can work for hardware...
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