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Cprime in the Media

Cprime in the Media

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Recent Articles Featuring Cprime

Cprime Named Amazon Web Services Partner Network Launch Partner for Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Workload Migration Program

Designation reaffirms Cprime extensive experience leading large scale Atlassian cloud migrations with customers looking to benefit from Amazon Web Services.

Why agile leaders should stop demanding consistency from teams

Most of my clients have asked how we plan to ensure consistency in their agile transformation. They say they need a “consistent flavor of agile” and that “the problem” is that their teams are not practicing a uniform flavor of agile.

How software teams can measure anything: The QPPE metrics model

Software metrics do not have to be difficult. In fact, I’ve successfully used only four key metrics to measure just about everything for several years now.

Cprime App (AM Utils) listed as one of the Top 6 FREE Jira add ons for admins in 2018

AM Utils provides a host of new conditions, validators, postfunctions and JQL functions for your Jira instance. The app hence enhances your ability to create and customize workflows for specific use cases and teams. This basically makes Jira easier and faster for your team to use.

Cprime, Inc. Wins Atlassian Partner of the Year 2017: Platinum Solution Partner

Cprime, Inc. was honored as Solution Partner of the Year during the Atlassian Partner Awards ceremony, an annual event to celebrate Atlassian partners worldwide for their exceptional efforts in developing new business, thought leadership, and products and services that compliment Atlassian.

There’s no “I” in TEAM but There’s “E” for Empathy

Assembling a team that works well together, that shares in the wins and losses together, and that has trust built-in is crucial to your company’s overall success. Read full article here.

CA Automic refines DevOps tools as enterprise market heats up

Expanded integrations between CA Automic tools should appeal to enterprise IT executives, amid anticipation that big companies will increase DevOps investments next year. Read full article here.

Windows DevOps shops quickly gain on Linux counterparts

Early adopters of DevOps embrace open source software, but enterprise Microsoft shops have made strides in 2017, as have Microsoft’s DevOps products. Read full article here.

Atlassian Bundles Its On-Premises Stack, Introduces DevOps Marketplace

Atlassian Solution Partners are expected to be key drivers for bringing Atlassian Stack to market with the DevOps Marketplace. Read full article here.

How to manage group chat in the enterprise (hint: lightly)

Slack, Microsoft Teams, HipChat and a host of other collaboration tools are flooding into the enterprise. Here’s how IT is handling the deluge. Read full article here.

Spreading Scrum through the enterprise

Scrum may seem like it was built for the software development world, but its benefits go way beyond developers. Businesses are starting to realize that if they want to keep up with the pace of innovation, they need to change the way they work outside of development. And that involves Scrum. Read full article here.

Cprime Acquires HKM Consulting

Cprime has announced that it has acquired HKM Consulting, a leading DevOps consulting firm, based in Boston, Massachusetts. Read full article here.

Kubernetes on Azure Hints at Hybrid Cloud Endgame

Microsoft’s Azure container strategy could take hybrid computing to an entirely new level and help launch both technologies into more mainstream waters. Read full article here.
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5 Common Pitfalls of CI/CD

CI/CD is a process for continuous development, testing, and delivery of new code. Many companies run into issues in this delivery, this article highlights problem areas common to companies trying to adopt CI/CD practices Read full article here.
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Ways to Align your Agile Initiatives

The problem is that organizations are already used to working in a siloed fashion, so when they start to transition to agile, they approach development, testing and project management as three separate initiatives, according to Zubin Irani, CEO of Cprime. Read full article here.
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The Problem With Sort Of Doing Agile Mobile Development

Agile development combines process, technology, and mindset in a deliberate way. If you neglect any one of those three pillars in mobile development, you’re setting yourself up to fail. “Sort of” Agile just won’t work. Read full article here.
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The Rio Games: An Olympic-sized technology challenge

This year’s Olympics will require more technology than ever before – see why and how we are coping. Read full article here.
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Stateful applications spark container management debate

Stateful applications are a fact of life for many enterprise shops pursuing containerization, but some argue they should go the way of the dodo. Read full article here.
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What CIOs can Learn from the Delta Outage

Lessons that can be learned from the Delta power outage in Atlanta that led to cascaded failures throughout its computer systems, affecting the airline’s operations systemwide. Read full article here.
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Don’t Let Testing Stop your Agility

Agile, for the most part, is the modern way of working. By now, most organizations know the purpose of agile: to build higher-quality software faster. Read full article here.
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Agile 2016: Cprime reveals a new approach to agile: the Software Services Lifecycle Management

SSLM is a new approach designed to support and promote the new connected world of software development and delivery. Read full article here.
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Driving a Digital Transformation

The digital revolution is driving the demand for quality software at speed, see how else the transformation is impacting IT. Read full article here.
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Mind the gap between legacy and greenfield

How widespread is enterprise adoption of agile, devops, CICD, containers, and the like? It all depends on which world you live in. Read full article here.
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16 ways to build a better dev team

By: InfoWorld
The secret to building and maintaining a great development team requires transparency, flexibility, and yes, good vibes Read full article here.
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How agile helps attract and retain millennial tech pros

The secret to building and maintaining a great development team requires transparency, flexibility, and yes, good vibes Read full article here.
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AgileVox Magazine: Agile Development for Hardware Projects

By: Scrum Alliance
We have found that the benefits of Agile are not only achieved through software development, but by hardware as well. Or, in other words, Agile can be done in, and is valuable to, hardware development. Sign up for the subscription here.
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Agile Practice: The Competitive Advantage for a Digital Age

By: The Harvard Business Review
IT organizations are in search of talent, but they are finding that the agile methodology is great for attracting and retaining the next generation of engineers and developers. Read full article here.