Value Stream Assessment

Uncover organizational inefficiencies in just 2 hours

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Quickly Identify Innefficiencies

Identify and remediate delays and bottlenecks to improve processes with a modern, connected tool stack.

Enterprise Metrics & Intelligence

Optimize analytics, metrics, and reporting across the toolchain to drive better decision making.

Improve Quality and Speed

Implement end-to-end traceability to improve software quality and speed by diagnosing problem areas and tooling opportunities.

What it is:

Our solution architects work with you to identify the flow of value through your people, process and technology to zero in on inefficiencies, bottlenecks and gaps. We then assemble a recommendation readout to provide clear and specific suggestions and a roadmap to remediate issues.


  • Identify and understand existing processes, technology and work items across your software value stream
  • Identify the current data flow of work items as well as potential bottlenecks, inefficiencies, or waste along the value stream
  • Detail a roadmap of future state, optimal tool usage within your toolchain value stream
  • Identify a strategy to automate applicable tasks in your value stream as well as strategies to eliminate waste, improve quality, and deliver faster
  • Recommend feature functionality usage of existing tools to optimize throughput
  • Recommend integrations and flow between existing tools for increased visibility, traceability and reporting

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This offering is best suited for C-level and VP title stakeholders who are eager to optimize efficiency at a strategic level as well as a director-level stakeholder to guide and provide context for the assessment.

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