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In the face of accelerating change, it is critical for government agencies and public sector entities to embrace innovation, agility and secure and efficient technology implementation to transform and more rapidly meet the needs of their citizens. Download our capability statement for more information >.

Deliver Value Faster to Better - Serve Constituents Government and public sector entities can become more efficient and effective overall by implementing Lean-Agile practices. Frequently deliver usable capabilities to provide value more rapidly. Get greater visibility into contractor and vendor performance.

Reduce and Optimize Costs - Adopting Lean-Agile practices can significantly improve investment manageability and budgetary feasibility while reducing overall risk. Deliver better services while eliminating waste and improving quality. Optimize costs by enhancing existing services though digital tools adoption and Cloud infrastructure.

Modernize Legacy IT systems - Align technology investments with agency strategy. Reduce maintenance costs, prevent cybersecurity risks, and optimize functionality. Define overall infrastructure to support a more holistic approach to technology design, development and deployment.

Solutions for Government and Public Sector

DevOps Consulting

Agile & DevOps

Agile and DevOps Consulting Solutions for Government and Public Sector Cprime offers consulting services that meet highly rigorous and regulated agency demands to help you achieve your digital transformation goals. From building high performing, multi-vendor agile teams and programs, guiding you to agile contracting solutions, launching your programs and planning and delivering the value citizens need, Cprime partners with you in a result-driven engagement to help you navigate the procurement process and achieve streamlined, cross-functional collaboration to meet the needs of your teams and constituents.

Atlassian Approved Government Platinum Solution Partner

As an Atlassian Approved Government Platinum Solution Provider, Cprime leverages this robust product suite to modernize your legacy systems, optimize your business processes and provide secure, compliant environments. From creating a common platform, to automating and speeding help desk resolution across teams and departments, and quickly capturing, organizing, storing and disseminating information and knowledge across your agency, our Atlassian solutions let you create powerful, transformative applications, at scale.

Curated Certification Curriculum

Governement Training/Certification Cprime offers you a catalog of 200 certifications+ (including DoD-approved certifications through GSA schedule 70 and MOBIS Schedule 874), with reduced pricing for all levels of government customers and flexible procurement options. We train individuals and teams to successfully navigate the complexities of government project/program management, contract management and strategy execution. All our courses can be adapted for any environment requirements for your in-person, online or via e-learning delivery methods.

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