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Anne Steiner

Anne Steiner is a product geek, coach, and influencer who guides companies in introducing respectful change. Anne leads teams in incorporating agile practices that improve quality and customer satisfaction while not adding superfluous process. In her role at DevJam, she help teams discover, define, and build products in a better way. She specialize in leading teams through the process of taking an abstract vision and breaking it down into something that is understood, actionable, and incrementally adds value. Anne also help groups apply practical techniques for bringing market, customer, and user voices into the product development process. This ensures that what is built is what people need. She grew up through the software development ranks in product companies. Starting as a front-end developer, Anne built web and standalone applications on the Java and Microsoft stacks. Her interest in identifying and solving customer problems drove me deeper into the user experience and ultimately, into product management. She worked as a technical product manager, charted the course for individual products, and served as the product leader for a multi-product business line.


Pragmatic Marketing “Practical Product Management” Certification | Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) | Professional Scrum Product Owner

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