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JIRA Agile Training

JIRA Agile Training

This Atlassian JIRA Agile Training course gets you up to grips with Atlassian’s Agile Project Management add on for JIRA. The course will look at basic JIRA and Agile concepts and cover the different out-of-the-box actions and functions available to JIRA Agile users. Click here to expand.

Course Length

This course can be delivered as a half day 4 hour session (exclude modules 2 and 3) with practical exercises, or with elements of our JIRA Basics course as part of a full day session (8 hours). Please specify when you enquire.

Lab Exercises

The lab environment (an instance of JIRA with JIRA Agile) gives users a practical working area to engage with. This enables them to benefit from seeing JIRA Agile in action with real world settings and examples, translating the theory from the course into practical knowledge.


Basic knowledge of Windows interfaces. No experience with JIRA necessary.

Course Outline

Module 1: Concepts

• Introduction to Issue Trackers (JIRA)
• Introduction to JIRA Agile
• High level concepts of JIRA Agile and Agile development terminology
• Scrum
• Kanban
• Backlogs
• Sprints
• Stories / Epics
• Story points
• Burndown
• Velocity
• Introduction to the JIRA UI
________________________________________ Lab Exercises: Concepts, Overview of interface – using Sample Projects, Study the sample Scrum project, Study the sample Kanban project, Understand the JIRA / JIRA Agile UI

Module 2: Working with JIRA

• Working with JIRA
• Issues Types
• Resolutions
• Priorities
• Statuses
• Creating an Issue
• Viewing Issues
• Editing Issues
• Attachments
________________________________________ Lab Exercises: Working with JIRA, Creating an Issue Adding Attachments, Editing Issues

Module 3: Introduction to Workflows

• Steps
• Transitions and Screens
• Moving through workflows
• The Workflow Viewer
________________________________________ Lab Exercises: Introduction to Workflows, Identify your current status, Identify possible transitions, Progressing Issues

Module 4: Working with JIRA Agile

• Creating JIRA Agile Boards
• Configuring boards
• Planning (versions / Sprints)
• Tasks
• Set up Charts
• working with your tasks
• Creating
• Flagging
• Ranking
• Scheduling
• Assigning
• Transitioning
________________________________________ Lab Exercises: Working with JIRA Agile, Set up JIRA Agile Board, Configure board, Create an Epic, Working with your tasks, Create some tasks, Flag some tasks Ranking, Schedule tasks to sprints, Assign tasks to users, Log work on a task, Transition tasks through workflow on an agile board

Module 5: Searching and Reporting

• Searching
• Reporting
• Charts
• Gadgets
________________________________________ Lab Exercises: Searching and Reporting, Example searches, Set up and run reports, Configure a dashboard, Create a wallboard

Module 6: Planning

• Burndown
• Velocity
• Sprint Report
• Estimating work
• Wallboards (Plugin)
________________________________________ Lab Exercises: Planning, Accessing Agile Reports, Making use of Agile reports.

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