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Jira Align Webinar Series

Jira Align Webinar Series

Explore Atlassian’s latest release, formerly known as Agilecraft, Jira Align.

Discover Jira Align – Realignment to the Enterprise

Atlassian Jira Align enables organizations to connect and align around common goals and objectives while providing actionable views and metrics to everyone touching the technology product lifecycle. With the ability to support a number of scaling frameworks, Jira Align helps navigate the complexity of large-scale technology initiatives by unifying and synchronizing the work happening across programs and portfolios for a clear executive-level view. At the same time, agile teams can continue to use their preferred tools, like Jira, to move quickly and deliver the best customer outcomes. With Jira Align, program managers, product managers, and release train engineers get the information they need to empower their teams to deliver the right things quickly and respond to market change.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Define and track the work of teams as it relates to enterprise strategy
  • Provide visibility and alignment across the entire enterprise
  • Use the connectivity of work to measure outcomes and drive better value to your customers

How to Define your Strategy for Enterprise Alignment with Atlassian Jira Align

Are you starting your strategic planning for 2020 and beyond? How did your team meet their 2019 objectives? How many of the strategic initiatives for 2019 are “done” Reached Market potential? Are you still relying on subjective inputs to know these answers?

If so, join us for a webinar on how Jira Align can help you plan, manage and connect your strategy to execution and provide real time updates on the progress of each effort.

You’ll learn: *How to define your strategy for Enterprise alignment *How communicating the strategic plan impacts delivery *How to use OKRs to measure the success of your strategic planning

Align to Strategy with Portfolio Management & Jira Align

As your strategic planning group edges closer to the end of the traditional 2020 planning period, Portfolio Managers’ work begins in earnest to start prioritizing the long list of wishes from your intake process, aligning them to the strategic funding buckets, and forecasting how much can be achieved.

How does your organization select the “most bestest” ideas, align them with strategy and begin to prioritize that long list into an achievable set of value to be delivered to the organization?