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To obtain the ICAgile Certified Expert in Product Ownership (ICE-PO), a candidate must demonstrate competency in the discipline of value management to a review committee of three industry-recognized experts. The candidate will be evaluated via an interactive virtual session with the review committee.

In order to pursue this designation, Cprime recommends that candidates begin with taking the Business Analysis in Agile Projects (ICP-APO) course followed by the Enterprise Product Ownership (ICP-EPO) course.


The fee for an ICE certification is $1275 USD. The first $300 is paid to reserve a review session with the panel and the remaining balance is paid upon successful completion of the Expert Panel assessment. Rather than paying renewal fee, ICE holders are required to submit 12 mentoring hours per year. These hours can be met by helping other ICE candidates prepare and serving on ICE-PO evaluation committees.

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