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Adopting and Adapting Agility in Hardware

Go beyond the "rules of agile" with a unique approach that applies to the hardware and runtime software engineers in a relatable context.

Unlike traditional team-based, Agile 101 courses that teach process mechanics, this course takes you beyond the “rules of agile” to understanding the intent and purpose behind the values, principles, and practices. Students learn how to adopt but also adapt agility in a manner that works for their organization and brings lasting change. This approach creates a unique approach to Agile basics that apply to the hardware and runtime software engineers in a relatable context.

Adopting and Adapting Agility shows students how to blend product thinking, process patterns, and technical practices to unlock the true promises of agile:

  • Better responsive to market and customer needs
  • Improved return on investment

This course emphasizes the use of agile practices to fuel continuous, product learning. Students are challenged to think in terms of experiments and product horizons versus projects and release timelines. You learn to narrow and focus, adopting MVP-thinking and the creation of a flow of value to your market.

This class explains the nuts and bolts of agile but quickly extends beyond the basics into how to blend product-thinking, technology, and process to achieve agility within your organization versus just “doing agile.” Whether your group is just starting out or has been applying agile practices for years, this course helps you learn, challenge, and tune your way of working, so you can improve product impact and customer satisfaction.

Available formats for this course
Live Online
Private Team Training
2 days/16 hours of instruction
Education Credits
16 PDUs
6 Leadership PDUs
6 Strategy PDUs
4 Technical PDUs
16 PDUs
Public Classroom Pricing

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Part 1 – Agility: The art of responding to change

  1. Course logistics, attendee expectations, etc.
  2. Why change?
  3. Why agility? (more than process)
    1. Maneuverability
    2. Responsiveness to market
  4. History and Mindset
  5. How did we get here?
    1. Purpose based value
  6. Innovation
    1. Leverage Competitors Strengths Against Themselves
    2. Where does R&D happen?
  7. The iterative cadence
    1. Scientific method
    2. What does iteration look like in the real world?
  8. Who is involved?
    1. Product teams
    2. Cross-team
    3. Special roles

Part 2 – Product Discovery

  1. What is a product?
  2. What is missing?
    1. Most frameworks have the backlog magically appear
    2. Product idea -> to actionable backlog
  3. Product discovery
    1. Common understanding – Who? What? Why?
      1. Collaborative Framing
    2. Understanding design targets (who?)
      1. Personas
      2. Day in the Life
    3. Understanding the product experience/story (what?)
      1. Story Mapping
      2. Value Stream Mapping
      3. C4 Mapping
    4. Journeys and slices
      1. Making product choices to enable focus and learning
      2. Ordering / Prioritizing

Part 3 – Product Discovery Continued

  1. Stories and acceptance tests
    1. Journeys -> Stories
    2. Tips for writing awesome stories and acceptance test
  2. Product horizons and roadmaps
    1. Making product choices
    2. Tips for road-mapping

Part 4 – Product Delivery

  1. Preparing to deliver
    1. More to it than just new features
    2. Large Programs
    3. Big Room Planning
    4. Visibility
    5. Need for bubble up metrics
    6. Embedded governance
  2. Process mechanics
    1. Team (iterative / flow)
    2. Portfolio and Program process
    3. Planning cadence
    4. Reporting and measurement
    5. Estimating, sizing, and capacity planning
    6. Adapting to classic product introduction processes
  3. Technical Agility
    1. Xtreme Programming technical practice
    2. Being “continuously ready”
    3. Model-based Design (mega or split models)
    4. BoM Build Systems
    5. Continuous technical health
    6. Importance of HIL and SIL testing
    7. Getting to value sooner

Part 4 – Summary

  1. Striving for agility versus agile (Product > Progress > Process)
  2. With continuous learning comes
    1. A culture of experimentation
    2. Blending discovery and delivery

Anyone interested in adopting or adapting agile methods. This course has a technology product focus that has been adapted for the hardware, system engineering, runtime space.

  • Gain a methodology-agnostic understanding of the basics of iterative product development
  • Identify agile values, principles, and practices
  • Appreciate the value of blending product, agile processes, and technology versus just “doing agile”
  • Differentiate methodologies, learning what each brings to their advantage
  • Use design thinking techniques to create value-based product backlogs with personas, story maps, and customer journeys
  • Acquire a toolkit of practices and techniques, going from idea to stories to create a blended discovery and delivery cadence that fuels continuous product learning
  • Understand roadmap definition and thinking in terms of product horizons versus project plans
  • Create pragmatic practices for planning and estimating releases and iterations and then reporting on progress and impact

Adopting and Adapting Agility in Hardware Schedule

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Nov 15th - 16th
10:30 AM - 6:30 PM ET
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