Advanced XML and XSLT

Hit the ground running, applying XML to projects at both an architectural as well as a line by line coding level.

This course provides indoctrination in the practical use of W3C standards (including XSL and XML Schema) and of implementing tools and technologies. This course is programming language independent, making it useful for Java, .NET, C++, and any other programming orientation. We can easily adapt this course to industry and client specific needs. 

This class is “technology-centric”, designed to train attendees in essential XML development skills coupling the most current, effective techniques with the soundest coding practices.  

In addition to valuable knowledge and working examples, students receive a copy of the "Xtensil" product.   This unique software was developed to assist in implementing, testing, and fielding XML applications.  Xtensil is used as both a teaching aid and a straightforward, basic, fully functional XML toolkit that students can use on Windows and Linux platforms.

2 days/16 hours of instruction
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Part 1: XML Structure

1. XML Schema Review

  1. XML Namespaces
  2. W3C XML Schemas
  3. Elements, Attributes, and Types
  4. Restricting Simple Types: Facets

2. Advanced XML Schema

  1. Complex Types Can be Derived
  2. Derivation by Extension
  3. Elements vs. Attributes: When to use them?
  4. Using XML Schema with Namespaces
  5. Managing Large Schemas

3. Processing XML

  1. Parsers and API’s
  2. Deciding When to Use SAX
  3. Deciding When to Use DOM
  4. Parsing With a DTD or Schema

Part 2: XML Formatting

1. XPath and XSLT Review

  1. XPath Data Model
  2. XPath Operators and Functions
  3. Conflict Resolution for Templates
  4. Calling Templates
  5. Looping, Sorting and Conditional Processing Constructs

2. Advanced XSL Topics

  1. ID Attributes Uniquely Identify Elements
  2. generate-id() is Used to Create Unique Strings
  3. <xsl:key> and key() Work to Select Groups
  4. xsl:copy and xsl:copy-of
  5. Managing Whitespace
  6. XInclude
  7. <xsl:message> Signals Conditions
  8. Extending XSLT Using Java

3. XPath 2.0 and XSLT 2.0 Overview

  1. XPath 2.0 Improvements
  2. XPath 2.0 and XQuery 1.0
  3. XSLT 2.0 Improvements

4. XSL FO (Formatting Objects)

  1. XSL Family Working Together
  2. Apache’s FOP: Rendering XML
  3. Page Types Can Be Conditional
  4. Content Flows Into Page Regions

Part 3: Advanced XML Topics

1. XML Interoperability

  1. XML From a Data Perspective
  2. XML/Database Interfacing
  3. Challenges to Mapping XML

2. Web Services Overview

  1. XML in Web Services
  2. WSDL: Description
  3. Many Web Services Challenges

3. Defending XML

  1. XML Signature
  2. XML Encryption
  3. XML Attacks: Structure
  4. XML Attacks: Injection
  5. Safe XML Processing

4. Defending Web Services 

  1. Web Service Security Exposures
  2. When Transport-Level Alone is NOT Enough
  3. Message-Level Security
  4. WS-Security Roadmap
  5. XWSS Provides Many Functions
  6. Web Service Attacks
  7. Web Service Appliance/Gateways

5. Defending Rich Interfaces and REST

  1. How Attackers See Rich Interfaces
  2. Attack Surface Changes When Moving to Rich Interfaces
  3. Bridging and its Potential Problems
  4. Three Basic Tenets for Safe Rich Interfaces
  5. OWASP REST Security Recommendations

This is an intermediate and beyond-level XML training course, designed for: 

  • Those needing in-depth knowledge and a working knowledge of XML, XML Schema, XSLT, and XML-related security.
  • A working knowledge of XML is required.

Take Before: Attending students should have practical experience in this area or have recently attended the following course:

  • Web Essentials:  XML

  • Design and implement changes to XML Schemas
  • Apply advanced XSLT constructs such as calling named templates with parameters
  • Use XSLT constructs such as messages, keys, and copy
  • Generate linked, dynamic table of contents using XSLT
  • Use XML Digital Signature and XML Encryption
  • Defend XML-based services and functions from malicious attacks

A full refund will be issued for class cancellations made at least 10 business days before the course begins. Payment is nonrefundable for cancellations or reschedules made within 10 business days from the course start date and for No Shows (students who do not attend class).  For reschedules made within 10 business days from the course start date, students must reschedule immediately for the same course, up to a maximum of six months from the original date.  A student may only reschedule one time.

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