Agile Marketing Boot Camp

Marketers today are challenged by many things – the speed of change, adoption of new technologies, the increasing empowerment of buyers, and limited resources. Despite these challenges, traditional marketing planning and execution has not changed much in more than 50 years. Without needed changes, marketers are suffering from lack of transparency, time crunches and lack of flexibility.

In this Agile Marketing training course we will explore why conventional methods of managing marketing no longer work, and why Agile Marketing, inspired by Agile software development, helps marketing teams get more done and adapt quickly to changing marketing requirements. We will explain the principles, processes, terminology, and tools of Agile Marketing. We will provide real-world examples of how teams are using Agile Marketing today, and discuss how to inspire and organize marketers for maximum effectiveness in Agile Marketing teams.

We'll also cover some practicalities of implementing Agile Marketing in organizations, including transitioning to it, sustaining it, what can go wrong (and how to avoid it), selling it into the organization, and the impact of Agile Marketing on your budgeting process.

2 days/16 hours of instruction
Education Credits
14 PDUs
14 Technical PDUs
14 PDUs
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Part 1: Agile Marketing: The Basics

Provide an introduction to Agile marketing and help students understand how Agile marketing developed and where it fits in their marketing program.

  • Introduction to Agile marketing
  • Exploring if Agile marketing will work for your business
  • Examining the Scrum process

Part 2: Agile Marketing Implementation

Agile marketing is built upon the concept of improving the flexibility and adaptability of your marketing process. In this section students will learn the basics of the Agile marketing methodology and explore how they can be applied within their organization.

  • Traits of a great Agile marketer
  • How to reduce time and improve effectiveness
  • Advantages of developing a sprint plan
  • Defining roles of different team members

Part 3: Agile Marketing: Foundational Elements

Agile marketing has several core elements that marketers must be familiar with in order to master it. In this section we will introduce students to key core elements and explain the role they play in the Agile marketing process.

  • How to identify target segments
  • Building the right buyer persona
  • Which buyer's journey should you use

Activity: Creating the right marketing persona & customer journey for your Agile process

Part 4: Agile Marketing with Scrum

The heart of Agile marketing is applying the scrum project management process to marketing teams. Students will learn the basics of developing a sprint strategy to be applied to their Agile marketing program.

  • Will your business work with scrum
  • The basics of Sprint planning
  • Sprinting with a Scrum board
  • Daily Scrum pitfalls to avoid
  • How to track progress
  • How to measure results

Activity: Create a mock Agile backlog

Activity: Create a mock Sprint backlog

Part 5: Agile Marketing: Advanced Scrum Topics

To help students go further with Agile marketing, we will explore some advanced topics, which will build on the foundations developed in day one of this class.

  • Stories Inside Of Scrum
  • MVC vs MVP And Why They Matter
  • Long-term Planning For Success

Part 6: Measuring Outcomes

In this section students will learn how to use a combination of reporting tools and dashboards to develop a measurement and reporting structure to evaluate their Agile marketing process and keep their organization's leadership and stakeholders informed of the progress.

  • Best reporting tools to use
  • Reporting dashboard to track velocity
  • Scenario modeling for different tasks

Part 7: Adopting Agile Marketing Into Your Company Culture

To get started with Agile marketing, you need to make sure that your organization is ready to operate in an Agile marketing environment. In this section students will learn the essential pieces that should be in place before introducing agile to your colleagues.

  • Scrum team and its roles
  • Selling Agile to the organization
  • Getting buy in from all parties
  • Different forms of the Agile marketing methodologies

Activity: Simulate a daily morning standup identifying the different roles for each team player

Part 8: Common Pitfalls of Agile Marketing

  • The best practices to get instant results
  • What to do when someone leaves
  • Continual support from the C-suite

  • Marketing Managers, Directors, VPs or CMOs
  • Marketing Specialists or Coordinators
  • Marketing Analysts and Database Managers
  • Agency Client Services Managers and Specialists
  • Account Specialists
  • Event Marketing Professionals
  • Media Buyers and Supervisors
  • Traffic Coordinators and Managers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Web Content Editors and Managers
  • SEO Specialists and Marketers
  • Art and Creative Designers and Directors
  • Copywriters
  • Public Relations Account Supervisors and Managers
  • Communications Specialists and Managers

  • Create a buyer persona
  • Describe each persona's buyer's journey
  • Tailor your marketing model to your buyers
  • Organize your marketing work by strategic priorities
  • Use relative estimation for predictable performance
  • Use Scrum for adaptive and iterative planning
  • Use Scrum to track progress and improve productivity
  • Involve and deliver tangible results to executives and sales leaders
  • Measure effectiveness in ways that stakeholders understand
  • Effectively budget for marketing without a 12-month plan

Reviews of our Agile Marketing Boot Camp Course

Very well done! Great pace, and great structure for allowing us to tailor the discussion to address our internal implementation needs. Jon was a great presenter. I would be interested in any other similar trainings as we become more immersed in Agile. Thank you!

Romaine B.

As someone with a passing familiarity with Agile and Scrum, this was a great way to get a full overview, in a way that was structured but also conversational and tailored to the interests of our group. Doing our own standup on the second day - and getting feedback in real-time - was a useful way to try out the concepts we learned and start putting them into practice.

Whitney G.

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