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Certified Agile Leadership for Teams® (CAL-T®)

Continue your leadership journey looking at ways to influence culture and support your teams on their journey to becoming High Performing teams.

CAL-Teams helps build strong leaders who can use their unique strengths for the betterment of the whole. It explores the multiple facets of your leadership role around mentoring and coaching as well as challenges you may face as you scale Agility in your organization. It looks at ways to be engaged with your team without micromanaging and using metrics that support your team’s growth.  You will leave this workshop with a better understanding of what it takes to lead a fully functional Agile team and organization.

Agile teams require an alternative to the traditional leadership approaches of the past in order to navigate this volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. This course teaches you how to create a safe-to-fail environment and foster a culture of transparency, inspection, and adaptation to allow for experimentation and continuous learning within your teams. The goal of this course is to create awareness about the changing dynamics in today's world of work and equip leaders with the practices they need to lead their teams with agility.

This virtual training meets the learning objectives of the Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership Teams.

Available formats for this course
Live Online
Private Team Training
1 day/7 hours of instruction
Public Classroom Pricing

Starting at: $800(USD)


Group Rate: $700

Part 1:          Strengths Finder to help team development
Part 2:         Leading Teams in a VUCA World
Part 3:         Influencing Culture 
Part 4:         High Performing Teams
Part 5:         Scaling Agile to Multiple Teams
Part 6:         Coaching across the Organization

  • Leadership experience is essential
  • Participants will get the most from this program if currently holding a leadership role
  • Agile Team Members/Aspiring Agilists
  • Managers
  • Organizational Decision Makers & Change Leaders
  • Executives
  • Coaches/Consultants


  • Lead Teams in a VUCA World
  • Influence Culture
  • Develop High Performing Teams
  • Scale Agile to Multiple Teams
  • Coach across the Organization

Certified Agile Leadership for Teams® (CAL-T®) Schedule

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Live, Online Training
Dec 7th - 7th
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET

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