Defining Product Roadmaps

Forecast, align and collaborate around the future delivery of valuable products to your customers

The Product Roadmap is an essential artifact for anyone looking to plan and forecast the development of a product in a highly volatile and complex world – and provides the ability to communicate and align around our adaptive plans to deliver value.

Defining Your Product Roadmap is a highly interactive training process. It combines teaching, group discussions and a fully immersive simulation to illustrate how roadmaps help product managers, product owners, stakeholders and their agile teams to forecast, align and collaborate around the future delivery of valuable products to their customers.

1 day/8 hours of instruction
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Topics Covered Include:

  • Adaptive Planning
  • Exploring markets and users
  • Product Visions – See the whole
  • Outcomes versus Outputs
  • Product Roadmap Creation
  • Aligning Product Roadmaps to Product Backlogs

The following individuals will benefit from this course:

  • Scrum Masters
  • Product/project managers
  • Product/software developers and testers
  • Business analysts

  • Describe and understand Agile Adaptive Planning
  • Describe the Design Thinking concept and its relevance to adaptive planning
  • Understand the importance of product visions in creating alignment
  • Describe how outcomes, metrics and risks play a part in roadmaps
  • Demonstrate how to create and utilize roadmaps in forecasting future product development

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