Introduction to SharePoint for End Users

This one-day SharePoint End User training course is the first SharePoint course you should take if you have little or no experience using SharePoint. It teaches the student the first things they need to know about SharePoint. You'll learn what SharePoint is, how companies are using SharePoint, the business value of SharePoint, and the basics of using a SharePoint Site. Students will walk away knowing: how to use the out-of-the-box Apps in SharePoint including Lists and Libraries; the importance of the social features for making data more findable; how search is affected by user interaction via tagging and following will be explained clearly to you. Students will also learn how Search is used to find information.

This class is designed for SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, and SharePoint 365 users. Labs for the live in-person and live online sessions are conducted in SharePoint 2016. The eLearning version is based on SharePoint 2013.

1 day/8 hours of instruction
Education Credits
7 PDUs
7 Technical PDUs
7 PDUs
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GSA Price: $585

Group Rate: $595

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Part 1: Introduction to SharePoint – First Things First!

  1. What is SharePoint?
  2. Why do companies use SharePoint?
  3. Facts about how SharePoint is being adopted within the Enterprise
  4. What is the Business Value/ROI for SharePoint?

Part 2: SharePoint Overview

  1. SharePoint Sites
  2. Site Components
  3. Navigating to Sites using the browser by URL
  4. Tips for remembering URL's

Part 3: SharePoint Navigation

  1. Tour of a SharePoint Site
  2. The interface
  3. Menus and Toolbars

LAB: Exploring a SharePoint Site

Part 4: Core Tools (Apps)


  • List Elements: Items, Columns/Fields, Views
  • Metadata and Column/Field Types
  • Out-of-the-box Lists (Apps) for SharePoint
  • Working with Lists: creating, editing, and deleting items
  • Using Views: public views, creating personal views

DEMO: Creating a List from scratch

LAB: Using Lists

2. Libraries

  • Library Elements: Documents, Columns/Fields, Views
  • Features of a Library
  • Folders vs Metadata
  • Out-of-the-box Libraries (Apps) for SharePoint
  • Working with Libraries: creating, editing, and deleting documents
  • Office integration (Office 2010 and Office 2013)
  • Using a Document Set

DEMO: Creating a library and managing content within it

LAB: Using Libraries

5. Making Data More Discoverable

1.Using the social features to improve Search and Findability

  • Importance of SharePoint user interaction and input
  • Tagging
  • Following
  • Newsfeed
  • Communities
    • What are Communities?
    • What is the value of Communities?
    • Community Portal
    • Becoming a Member
    • Collaborating with your Community
  • About Me

DEMO: tagging, following, using the Newsfeed, editing the profile

LAB: Using the social features

6. Using Search

  1. Basic Search
  2. Advanced Search

DEMO: Using Search to find information

This class is targeted to End Users (team members, project members) who are new to SharePoint with little to no experience. This is the First class a user should take regardless of what role they will eventually play in SharePoint. This class covers the basics and stops short of advanced topics, such as those covered in detail in a Site Owner or Power User class. This class is not designed for Content Editors or Site Owners.

This class is for SharePoint 2013, 2016, and Office 365 Users.

  • Value SharePoint and find a clear explanation of what it is used for
  • Navigate SharePoint using the menus and toolbars
  • Use Lists to create, edit, and delete team information such as Tasks and Calendars
  • Utilize metadata and to empower Search
  • Use Views to create reports to find needed information you are looking for
  • Use Libraries to work on documents with your team
  • Create, Edit, and Delete documents in Libraries
  • Use Version Control to easily manage information lifecycle
  • Use Tagging and Following to make information more findable.
  • Use the Newsfeed to brainstorm, discuss, and ideate with your team members

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