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ITIL Foundation eLearning

The ITIL Foundation Premium eLearning Course offers scenario‐based training with real‐life connects. Learners will attend a Virtual Training Conference at the majestic Royal Chao Phraya Hotel in Bangkok. In this virtual atmosphere, the learners will attend conference sessions hosted by two ITIL Experts, who will explain the foundations of ITIL. As part of the learner’s stay at the hotel, they will have the opportunity to assist the hotel management team with different projects and scenarios that will test their new ITIL knowledge.

This course has been created while keeping in mind the requirements of today’s learners - those looking for a fun and engaging learning environment that offers hands‐on experience. The scenarios are geared to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge, facilitating an effective method for reinforcement and self-assessment. The course offers greater value than any other mode of instruction because it provides motivation as well as learning. This self-paced course introduces the learners to the Lifecycle of managing IT Services to deliver to business expectations. It offers concrete foundation knowledge of the core disciplines of ITIL. This Premium course comes with exclusive features, such as the scenario-based training approach, a Quick Reference Card, and a First Aid Kit.

The ITIL best practice is composed of five core disciplines: Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operations, and Continual Service Improvement. These disciplines represent a Service Lifecycle framework that enhances alignment with the business while demonstrating business value, improving ROI, and enabling IT to solve specific operational needs.


Available formats for this course
Corporate Online
2 days/12 hours of instruction

Starting at: $395

Part 1: Service Management as a Practice
Part 2: Service Lifecycle
Part 3: Service Strategy
Part 4: Service Design
Part 5: Service Transition
Part 6: Service Operation
Part 7: Continual Service Improvement
Part 8: Technology and Architecture

IT Management, IT Support Staff, IT Consultants, Business Managers, Business Process Owners, IT Developers, Service Providers, System Integrators

This product is not eligible for cancellation or refund.  

ITIL Foundation eLearning Schedule

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Oct 1st - 31st 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM Local Time

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