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Mastering HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

Leave this course armed with the new skills to design, implement, and deploy robust, flexible, and safe web applications.

Mastering HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript is an in-depth HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript training course geared for developers who need to understand what the latest in web technologies and responsive design practices that are central to targeting the entire spectrum of user platforms and browsers. This comprehensive course provides a balanced mixture of theory and practical labs designed to take students through HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. 

Available formats for this course
Live Online
Private Team Training
3 days/24 hours of instruction
Public Classroom Pricing

Starting at: $1695(USD)


GSA Price: $1271.25

Group Rate: $1595

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Part 1: HTML


  • Define HTML and review its history
  • Look at XHTML and its relationship to HTML
  • Identify HTML limitations and improvements
  • Exercise: Working with HTML

2. HTML5

  • HTML5 Overview
  • HTML5 Semantic Structure
  • HTML5 Forms
  • HTML5 Media Delivery
  • Exercise: Writing a Valid HTML5 Document
  • Exercise: Writing HTML5 Forms

Part 2: CSS

1. CSS

  • Learn the basics of CSS
  • Meaning of cascading in CSS
  • Declaring CSS within your HTML page
  • Creating styles in an external CSS file
  • Control how to display and position HTML elements
  • Overriding standard tag behavior
  • Adding new classes
  • Using custom classes in your page
  • Exercise: Working with CSS

2. CSS3 Overview

  • What is new in CSS3
  • The Advantages of CSS3
  • Browser Support for CSS3
  • Exercise: Working with CSS3

3. CSS3 Advanced Selectors

  • Selecting Using Attributes
  • Selecting Using DOM Structure
  • Complex Selecting using Pseudo-Classes
  • Selecting Using UI Components and State
  • Exercise: Using Attribute Selectors

4. CSS3 Visual Effects

  • Font Options, Opacity, and Color
  • Distributing Content Across Columns
  • Working with Borders and Boxes
  • Working with Vendor Prefixes
  • Functional Techniques
  • Exercise: Using Improved CSS3 Techniques
  • Exercise: Applying CSS3 Functional Techniques

Part 3: JavaScript

1. JavaScript Basics

  • JavaScript Defined
  • Variables and Operators
  • Flow Control and Conditionals
  • Exercise: JavaScript Basics

2. Debugging Tools

  • Using the strict mode and setting breakpoints
  • Browser debugging tools
  • Monitoring resource usage and performance
  • Emulating devices Exceptions in JavaScript
  • Exercise: JavaScript Debugging

3. JavaScript Functions

  • Functions in JavaScript
  • Invoking Functions
  • Function Constructor
  • Function Scope and Closures

4. JavaScript Arrays, Math and Date

  • JavaScript Literals
  • JavaScript Arrays
  • Working with Numbers and Dates
  • Exercise: JavaScript Built-in Objects

5. JavaScript Event Handling and the DOM

  • Events and Event Handling
  • HTML Document Object Model
  • Accessing the DOM
  • Dynamically Working with the DOM
  • DOM Challenges
  • Exercise: Using Events and the DOM

6. Object-Oriented JavaScript

  • JavaScript “Objects” and “Classes”
  • Constructors and Prototypes
  • Prototypes
  • Extending Classes with Prototype
  • Reusable, Flexible Classes
  • Exercise: Working with Classes

This is an intermediate level web development course, designed for:

  •  Experienced developers who need to extend their knowledge of web design and development
  • Developers who need to reinforce sound HTML and CSS coding practices, immediately. 

  • How to effectively meet requirements using the full range of HTML5 semantic and structural elements
  • To work with technologies such as web storage, application caching, and cross-domain messaging to improve performance and the user experience
  • What features CSS3 supports and how they can be effectively used with HTML5 and other technologies
  • To adapt to varying degrees of browser support for HTML5 and CSS3
  • What JavaScript is, how it relates to other programming languages, and how to script your web pages with it
  • To traverse and manipulate the DOM and handle events in ways that work in all browsers
  • To work with closures and prototypes and other exotic features of JavaScript
  • What is needed to effectively debug these web technologies
  • How to use both browser-based and proxy-based debuggers and tools

Mastering HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript Schedule

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10:00 AM - 6:00 PM ET

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