Microsoft Power Apps

Learn all you need to know to create your first app in Power Apps.

Microsoft's Power Platform gives end users the power to build visualizations without needing developer skills. This course enables your team to build and deploy apps immediately in order to improve efficiency and functionality.

Throughout this course, you will utilize hands-on exercises and labs to create an app using Power Apps. By the conclustion of class, you will be able to connect to data sources, troubleshoot accessibility, customize visual aspects, and share key performance information with stakeholders.

1 day/8 hours of instruction
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Group Rate: $595

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Section 1: Introduction to Power Platform

  1. What is the Power Platform?
  2. Power Apps
  3. Power Automate (Flow)
  4. Power BI
  5. Guided tour demo – instructor-led

Section 2: Define your data source

  1. SharePoint Lists and Libraries
  2. SQL
  3. Common Data Service
  4. Other sources

Section 3: SharePoint Form Services

  1. Out-of-the-Box forms
  2. Columns
  3. Site columns
  4. Content Types
  5. Custom Forms
  6. SharePoint Designer forms
  7. InfoPath forms
  8. Third-party solutions
  9. Lab – Creating custom lists
  10. Best practices for form services

Section 3: Intro to Power Apps

  1. What are Power Apps?
  2. Find and run apps
  3. Power Apps building blocks
  4. Data sources, connections, and gateways
  5. Common Data Service
  6. Ways to build Power Apps
  7. Create an app from a template
  8. Create an app from a data source
  9. Build from a blank canvas

Section 4: Power Apps Canvas Apps

  1. Power Apps Canvas Studio UI
  2. Sign-in to Power Apps web studio
  3. Create a new application
  4. Connect to data
  5. Screens
  6. Add a screen
  7. Rename a screen
  8. Navigation
  9. Galleries
  10. Add a gallery
  11. Add controls to galleries
  12. Filter and sort a gallery
  13. Forms
  14. Add a form
  15. Cards
  16. Card types
  17. Customized a card
  18. Unlock a card
  19. Lists, Charts, & Multimedia
  20. Lists box, drop-down list, radio buttons
  21. Cascading drop-downs
  22. Line charts, pie charts, bar charts
  23. Multimedia
  24. Add media from a file or the cloud
  25. Azure Media Services
  26. Power Apps controls and properties
  27. Formulas
  28. Formula reference for Power Apps
  29. Variables
  30. Behavioral formulas
  31. Collections to store data
  32. Create accessible apps in Power Apps
  33. Find accessibility issues
  34. Types of issues
  35. Layout and color
  36. Keyboard support
  37. Screen reader support
  38. Multimedia
  39. Save and publish an app
  40. Save an app
  41. Publish an app
  42. App version history
  43. Share an app
  44. Security group considerations
  45. Manage entity permissions
  46. Share app resources
  47. Power Apps Canvas Studio UI
  48. Sign-in to Power Apps web studio
  49. Create a new canvas app
  50. Rename the screen
  51. Add a header containing the app name and logged in user’s name
  52. Save the Application
  53. Lab: Create your first App in Power Apps

Anyone using the Microsoft Office 365 Power Platform would benefit from taking this course, including:

  • End Users
  • Site Owners
  • Information Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Team Supervisors
  • Data analysts

  • Use pre-built templates to build and launch apps
  • Build apps with advanced functionality without having developer experience
  • Harness data sources to create apps
  • Visualize relevant business data to aide making decisions

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