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Migrating to AWS

Learn to plan and migrate existing workloads to the AWS cloud.

Migrating to AWS focuses on planning and migrating existing workloads to the AWS Cloud. The course covers various cloud migration strategies with a detailed discussion on each phase of the migration process, including portfolio discovery, application migration planning, and design, migration execution, and post-migration validation and application optimization. The first part of the course provides students with an overview of migration planning principles and best practices, and the second half of the class focuses on migration design and implementation with hands-on labs to reinforce concepts.

This course is designed for solutions architects and engineers who perform cloud migrations and understand core AWS services and design patterns covered in Architecting on AWS and is also available to IT project managers involved in the planning of those migrations who have completed AWS Technical Essentials.


Available formats for this course
Live Online
Private Team Training
2 days/16 hours of instruction
Public Classroom Pricing

Starting at: $1350(USD)


Group Rate: $1350

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Part 1

  • Migrating to AWS – An Overview
  • Discovery, Analysis, and Planning
  • Migration Planning and Design

Part 2

  • Migration, Integration, and Validation
  • Optimizing Applications and Operating in the AWS Cloud


Note: The course outline may vary slightly based on the regional location and/or language in which the class is delivered.

  • Solutions Architects
  • IT Project Managers

In this Course, You will Learn How to:

  • Explain the various cloud migration strategies.
  • Assess cloud migration readiness.
  • Discover your portfolio and plan for migration.
  • Plan and design your application migration strategy.
  • Perform and validate application migration to the cloud.
  • Optimize your applications and operations after migrating to the cloud.

A full refund will be issued for class cancellations made at least 10 business days before the course begins. Payment is non‑refundable for cancellations or reschedules made within 10 business days from the course start date and for No‑Shows (students who do not attend class).
For reschedules made within 10 business days from the course start date, students must reschedule immediately for a current, published course, up to a maximum of six months from the original date.
A student may reschedule a class or exam up to 2 times. Any additional reschedules will not be allowed.

Migrating to AWS Schedule

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Jun 8th - 9th 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET

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