Project Management, Leadership and Communication

Relationship management for project management success.

The skills you'll learn in this course will enable you to apply effective leadership strategies, improve your interpersonal communication, become more influential, help guide your staff through change, and deal with conflict and practice ethical principles during the entire project management process.

With the aid of the hands-on case study exercises, you'll learn to create a motivating team atmosphere and ultimately manage your project successfully.

3 days/24 hours of instruction
Education Credits
21 PDUs
21 PDUs
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Part 1: Introduction to Project Leadership

  1. What Is Project Management?
  2. Role of Project Manager as Organizational Leader
  3. Begin Developing Leadership Development Plan
  4. The Triple Constraint
  5. Leadership Skills
  6. Stakeholders

Part 2: Leadership and Management

  1. Leadership vs. Management
  2. Leadership Orientation
  3. Management Styles
  4. Three Functions of Management
  5. Trait Theory
  6. Fiedler's Contingency Model
  7. The Leaders Window

Part 3: Interpersonal Communication

  1. The Communication Loop
  2. Filters and Barriers
  3. The Interpersonal Gap
  4. Active Listening

Part 4: Influence

  1. Influences on a Project Manager
  2. Influence Styles
  3. Power and the Project Manager

Part 5: Motivation

  1. Motivation Theories
  2. Motivating Under-Performing Team Members
  3. Rewards and Behavior
  4. Creating a Motivation Plan
  5. Vroom's Expectancy Theory

Part 6: Effective Teams

  1. Team Roles
  2. Stages of Project Team Development
    • Forming
    • Storming
    • Norming
    • Performing
    • Deforming
  3. Team Process and Functional Teams
  4. Coaching Team Members
  5. Types of risks in complex projects
  6. Approaches to identification
  7. Risk assessment and response planning

Part 7: Change Management

  1. What is Change Management?
  2. Being an Organizational Change Agent
  3. Influencers of Change
  4. Stages of Organizational Change
  5. Strategies to Manage Change

Part 8: Conflict

  1. What is Conflict?
  2. Constructive Conflict vs. Destructive Conflict
  3. Conflict Reactions to Avoid
  4. Conflict Resolution Techniques
  5. Staying Calm in Conflict Situations
  6. What is Negotiation?
  7. Attitudes About Negotiation
  8. Negotiation Requirements
  9. Formal Project Negotiation Planning

Part 9: Ethics and Leadership

  1. Ethics and Values
  2. Personal and Business Ethics
  3. Project Management Institute Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct


Who should attend this course:

  • Associate project managers
  • Project managers
  • IT project managers
  • Project coordinators
  • Project analysts
  • Project leaders
  • Senior project managers
  • Team leaders
  • Product managers
  • Program managers

  • Manage stakeholders and teams
  • Assess and apply leadership styles
  • Improve communication
  • Enhance influence and power bases
  • Motivate team members
  • Lead effective project teams
  • Coach team members
  • Practice change management
  • Manage individual and team conflict
  • Practice ethical project management

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