SmartBear for Test Automation

Quickly improve your test automation and test-driven development capabilities with SmartBear training.

The SmartBear platform is a comprehensive suite of tools that help developers implement contemporary software deployment frameworks. While the range of possible applications run the gamut, this two-day course will focus on the set of test automation and test-driven development (TDD) tools available as part of the SmartBear experience. With each tool introduced, a hands-on approach with tangible deliverables will be taken, making certain of full participation and the imparting of skills you can use on the ground. 

The intersection between TDD and SmartBear's suite of code test and optimization tools should become apparent as you participate in the course. Along with that, you'll gain insight into the advantages and methods of implementation using best practices. All of these are key knowledge and skill points for competence as a productive member of a software development team today. 

No prior usage of SmartBear, the tools it includes, or any of the frameworks discussed will be assumed. 

2 days/24 hours of instruction
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Part 1: Test Automation 101

  1. Revisiting the Concept of Test Automation
  2. Why You Should Embark on the Test Automation Path
  3. What Tests Can Be Automated and Why?

Demonstration: Typical test automation instances in action. 

Part 2: Introduction to SmartBear

  1. What Can You Do With SmartBear?
  2. Explore Test Automation Tools in SmartBear
  3. Discuss SmartBear Tools' Integration Options
  4. Explore the Benefits of Using SmartBear With Case Studies

Demonstration/walkthrough: Navigating the SmartBear platform explaining the various tools available. 

Part 3: SmartBear TestComplete

  1. What Is TestComplete?
  2. Explore the Concept of Desktop Tests
  3. Set Up Automated TestComplete Tests
  4. Third-Party Integrations for TestComplete

Hands-on lab: Create and automate simple desktop tests with TestComplete. 

Part 4: SmartBear CrossBrowserTesting

  1. What Is CrossBrowserTesting?
  2. Explore the Features in CrossBrowserTesting by SmartBear
  3. How to Get Started With CrossBrowserTesting
  4. Third-Party Integrations for CrossBrowserTesting

Hands-on lab: Test a simple (demo) website with SmartBear CrossBrowserTesting. 

Part 5: SmartBear TestExecute

  1. Introduction to TestExecute and Parallel Tests
  2. Key Benefits of Using TestExecute
  3. How to Get Started With SmartBear

Hands-on lab: Use TestExecute Together With Jenkins

Part 6: SmartBear BitBar

  1. What Is BitBar?
  2. BitBar Features for Testing Mobile Apps in the Cloud
  3. Third-Party Integrations for BitBar
  4. How to Get Started With BitBar

Hands-on lab: Test a simple (demo) mobile app with BitBar. 

Part 7: SmartBear Automated Testing Best Practices

  1. How to Migrate From Manual to Automated Tests With SmartBear
  2. Use SmartBear Tools as a Team
  3. Continuous Integration Best Practices With SmartBear
  4. Manage Test Logs and Results From Automated Tests

Hands-on lab: Explore the tools you can use to improve your automated testing experience in SmartBear. 

End of Day 1

The end of day one marks the completion of the test automation course section and sparks the beginning of the TDD chapter. Day two will be an exploration of a test-centric approach to software development. As such, we'll learn about continuous testing tools and test environment management. 

Part 8: Test-Driven Development 101

  1. Test-Driven Development (TDD) Methodology
  2. TDD vs. Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)
  3. Analysis of Test-Centric Implementations (Case Studies)

Hands-on lab: Explore practical examples of TDD and BDD environments to understand the differences clearly. 

Part 9: Achieving and Maintaining TDD With SmartBear

  1. How SmartBear Facilitates TDD
  2. Features Specifically Made to Support TDD
  3. How to Get Started on a TDD Path With SmartBear

Part 10: SmartBear Capture for Jira

  1. Introduction to SmartBear Capture
  2. Integrate Capture With Your Jira Instance
  3. Capture Usage Points: Collaboration, Recording, and Annotations

Hands-on lab: Use SmartBear Capture in Google Chrome. 

Part 11: SmartBear ReadyAPI

  1. Introduction to SmartBear ReadyAPI
  2. How to Use ReadyAPI for API Functional Testing
  3. Security Testing With ReadyAPI
  4. API Performance Testing With ReadyAPI

Hands-on lab: Use SmartBear ReadyAPI along with the instructor. 

Part 12: SmartBear LoadNinja

  1. Introduction to Load Testing
  2. Use LoadNinja to Test Your Applications for Scalability
  3. How to Launch Tests Across Multiple Browsers in Real Time

Part 13: Testing and Collaboration With SmartBear

  1. Introduction to SmartBear CucumberStudio
  2. SmartBear Integrations for Collaboration (Git, Slack, etc.)

Hands-on lab: Learn about integration and cross-tool communication with CucumberStudio. 

End of Day 2

Day two ends with a recap of the tools used in both the test automation and TDD chapters of the course. Questions, best practice deliberations, and real-life implementation support will be provided to lock in value and actionable skills. 

Professionals who may benefit include:

  • Developers
  • Technical-Oriented Testers
  • Programmers
  • Business Analysts
  • Testers
  • Test Automation Engineers
  • Architects
  • Software Engineers
  • Full Stack Developers
  • QA Automation Engineers

  • Improve your automated testing experience in SmartBear
  • Create and automate desktop tests with TestComplete
  • Test websites with SmartBear CrossBrowserTesting
  • Use TestExecute Together With Jenkins
  • Test mobile apps with BitBar 
  • Use SmartBear Capture in Google Chrome
  • Integrate SmartBear with cross-tool communication apps

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