Tableau Desktop Fundamentals

Gain an understanding of the key features and uses of the Tableau toolset.

Tableau Desktop Fundamentals is a two-day, hands-on course designed for users new to Tableau, who handle and work with data, regardless of their technical or analytical background. This course is designed to help students understand the key features and uses of the Tableau toolset in order to move from simple to complex visualizations, and then how to combine them in interactive dashboards.

2 days/16 hours of instruction
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Part 1: Introduction

  1. Tableau Desktop and the Tableau Product Line
  2. Application Terminology
  3. Visual Cues for Fields
  4. Getting Started in Tableau Desktop
  5. Elements of a Visualization

Part 2: Connecting to Data

  1. Creating a Live Data Connection
  2. Saving and Editing a Data Source
  3. Metadata Grid
  4. Understanding Changes to Data
  5. Data Connection Options
  6. Sharing Options

Part 3: Simplifying and Sorting Your Data

  1. Data Filtering
  2. Creating Date Filters
  3. Sorting

Part 4: Organizing your Data

  1. Using Groups
  2. Creating and Using Hierarchies

Part 5: Slicing your Data by Date

  1. Working with Dates in Tableau
  2. Using Discrete Date Parts
  3. Defining a Fiscal Year
  4. Creating Custom Dates

Part 6: Using Multiple Measures in a View

  1. Using Measure Values and Measure Names in a View
  2. Combo Charts
  3. Combined or Shared Axis Charts
  4. Creating Dual Axis Charts

Part 7: Showing the Relationship between Numerical Values

  1. Creating Scatter Plots
  2. Using Sets

Part 8: Mapping Data Geographically

  1. Mapping in Tableau
  2. Geographic Mapping
  3. Background Maps and Layers
  4. Navigation and Selection in Maps

Part 9: Viewing Specific Values

  1. Creating Heat Maps
  2. Creating Crosstabs
  3. Creating Highlight Tables
  4. Grand Totals, Sub-Totals, and Changing Aggregation

Part 10: Customizing your Data

  1. Calculation Types
  2. Parts of a Calculated Field
  3. Options for Creating Calculated Fields
  4. Strings, Dates, and Type Conversion Functions
  5. Calculations and Aggregations

Part 11: Analyzing Data with Quick Table Calculations

Part 12: Showing Breakdowns of the Whole

  1. Pie Charts and Parts of the Whole
  2. Creating Tree Maps

Part 13: Viewing Distributions

  1. Bins and Histograms
  2. Box and Whisker Plots

Part 14: Highlighting Data with Reference Lines

  1. Using Reference Lines
  2. Reference Bands
  3. Using the Analytics Pane
  4. Instant Analytics

Part 15: Making Your Views Available

  1. Building Dashboards
  2. Dashboard Actions


  • Tableau Users new to using the tool
  • Tableau Users looking for a refresher of the basics or newer features. 
  • Beginner Tableau users who want to quickly get up to speed with intermediate level Tableau features and functions. 
  • Individuals working with data-regardless of technical or analytical background

  • Connect to your data, edit and save a data source.
  • Use the Tableau interface / paradigm to effectively create powerful visualizations.
  • Create basic calculations including string manipulation, basic arithmetic calculations, custom aggregations and ratios, date math, logic statements and quick table calculations.
  • Cross Tabs, Geographic Maps, Heat Maps, Distribution Charts, Tree Maps, Box Plots, Highlight Tables, Scatter Plots, Pie Charts and Bar Charts
  • Use Reference Lines to highlight elements of your data.
  • Use groups, bins, hierarchies, sorts, sets, and filters to create focused and effective visualizations
  • Use Measure Name and Measure Value fields to create visualizations with multiple measures and dimensions.
  • Handle changes in your data source such as field addition, deletion or name changes.
  • Combine your visualizations into Interactive Dashboards and publish them to the web.

A full refund will be issued for class cancellations made at least 10 business days before the course begins. Payment is nonrefundable for cancellations or reschedules made within 10 business days from the course start date and for No Shows (students who do not attend class).  For reschedules made within 10 business days from the course start date, students must reschedule immediately for the same course, up to a maximum of six months from the original date.  A student may only reschedule one time.

Tableau Desktop Fundamentals Schedule


Live Online

Jul 10th - 11th, 2023
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM ET

Live Online

Sep 18th - 19th, 2023
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM ET

Live Online

Nov 6th - 7th, 2023
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM ET

Live Online

Dec 11th - 12th, 2023
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM ET

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