Data Analysis Jumpstart Program

Jumpstart Your Data Analysis Skills at a Discounted Rate

It is increasingly difficult to find an in-demand career that is not influenced by data analysis. Turning data and information into understanding and value is not only a necessary skill for statisticians, data miners, and engineers. Everyone from marketers to accountants needs the ability to adeptly analyze data. The Data Analysis Training Jumpstart Program is designed to instill and strengthen your data analysis skills at your pace, and at a discounted rate.

In this program, students will:

  • Learn the terms, jargon, and impact of business intelligence and data analytics
  • Gain knowledge of the scope and application of data analysis
  • Identify opportunities, manage change, and develop deep visibility into your organization
  • Understand and leverage different distribution models, and how each applies to the real world
  • Learn about statistical inference and drawing conclusions about the population
  • Visualize both data and the results of your analysis using popular tools like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, or Splunk
  • And much more…

The Jumpstart Program includes a personal advisor to help you determine what is best for meeting your goals, to answer any of your questions, and to set up a personal plan for completing your courses.

Simply fill out your contact information using the form on the left-hand side and you will then be contacted by your Regional Account Manager. We want you to have all the tools you need to be successful in data analysis, so we handpicked these courses and are offering them at a discounted program-only rate:

Courses Included in the Data Analysis Jumpstart Program:

Course One: Intro to Data Analysis

In this data literacy course, you will learn the basics to identify and manage opportunities for change using data analysis for data-based decision making. This course will demystify data analysis and make it a tangible concept that you will begin to harness.

Course Two: Data Analysis Boot Camp

This data analysis training class is a lively blend of expert instruction combined with hands-on exercises so you can practice new skills. Leave prepared to start performing practical analysis techniques the moment you return to work. Every Data Analysis Boot Camp instructor is a veteran consultant and data guru who will guide you through effective best practices and easily-accessible technologies for working with your data. Through a combination of demonstrations and hands-on practice, you will learn to use data analysis techniques which are typically the domain of expensive consultants.

Course Three:  Elective – Choose one course from the following:

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