DevOps Jumpstart Program

Learn proven skills, tools, and techniques for jumpstarting your DevOps implementation.

The DevOps Jumpstart program guides you through each step of the implementation process, teaching you the skills needed to do your implementation the right way. The program starts with Intro to DevOps, building a strong base of DevOps knowledge, and then moves onto advanced skills in DevOps Implementation Boot Camp. The last piece of the program allows you to choose an elective course based on how your company uses, or plans to use DevOps.

By bundling these courses together you’ll save an average of $500 as opposed to registering for these courses individually.

This program will cover:

  • Practices and techniques for changing your culture to support DevOps
  • How other organizations are using DevOps concepts to gain competitive advantage
  • The role leadership plays in participation and planning for DevOps transformations
  • How to effectively communicate the progress and results of your DevOps efforts to management
  • How to mature a DevOps practice in the enterprise
  • The myriad of tools used in DevOps teams, and how to properly leverage them
  • And more

Courses Included in the DevOps Jumpstart Program:

Intro to DevOps

The first step in your DevOps jumpstart is our Intro to DevOps course. You will learn the importance of DevOps, go over case studies of how DevOps has worked in the past for other companies, and build your base knowledge with introductory DevOps concepts. Learn more

DevOps Implementation Boot Camp

Building on the knowledge you learned in Intro to DevOps, This three-day DevOps training class is loaded with practical real-world tools and techniques to help you better understand how to implement DevOps within your organization. You will leave this course fully literate in the whole array of available DevOps tools and lessons, ready to select what’s right for you and chart a path to holistic long-term IT success in your own organization. Attendees will also receive the ICP-FDO certification upon completion of this course. Learn more


Two-Day Electives

Three-Day Electives


Option one of the DevOps Jumpstart Program includes a two-day elective along with Intro to DevOps, DevOps Boot Camp for $4100. The two-day electives include:

Cloudbees Jenkins User Boot Camp

Get hands-on practice and expert guidance using the enterprise CloudBees Jenkins CI platform to enable the tooling and processes your teams need to perform enterprise-class CI/CD and associated DevOps practices.

Hands-On Artifactory for Dependency

Learn to use JFrog Artifactory to manage software dependencies and streamline application workflow.

Chef Essentials Boot Camp

Learn the basics of Chef by taking Chef Essentials. You’ll learn what it means to turn infrastructure into code so that you can automate the configuration, deployment and management of your servers.

Ansible Configuration Management Boot Camp

Learn the skills to radically simplify IT automation. Whether you are moving towards a full DevOps transformation or just want to automate specific parts of your application life cycle, this hands-on class gets you started using the free Ansible platform in your own environment.

Puppet Configuration Management Boot Camp

The workshop includes O’Reilly’s comprehensive text on Puppet tooling: Learning Puppet by Jussi Heinonen. This text from Heinonen, plus your classroom guide, will serve as invaluable references back at work.

Introduction to Kubernetes

Get started with Kubernetes, the open-source orchestration and container cluster management tool designed by Google. Streamline application and service delivery, reduce dependencies, and unify the way you manage containers and microservices.


Option two of the DevOps Jumpstart Program includes a three day elective with Intro to DevOps and DevOps Boot Camp for $4900. The three-day electives include:

Continuous Delivery Workshop

Learn to implement Continuous Delivery strategies into your current application workflow by incorporating best practices for superior code quality, automated testing, maintenance and speed to delivery.

Continuous Integration Boot Camp

This hands-on workshop teaches your teams how to implement Continuous Integration techniques & practices to achieve better code quality, better maintenance, and speed to delivery.

Docker Containerization Boot Camp

Learn the skills to radically simplify application deployment, IT workflow, version control, production support and much more with the power of Docker containerization.

Microservices Engineering Boot Camp

For technology and project stakeholders: This workshop provides a fast-paced roadmap on which aspects of Microservices will benefit your organization, and how to adopt Microservices architecture patterns in the real-world.

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