Software Tester Jumpstart Program

This Software Tester training program guides you through each step to achieve greater productivity and reliability within your organization using software testing and test automation practices.

This program starts with the Fundamentals of Software Testing self-paced eLearning course, and then moves onto more advanced learning with Agile Testing and Test Automation Boot Camp. We want you to have all the tools you need to be successful in software testing. Our experts hand-picked these courses and are offering them at a discounted program-only rate.

By bundling these 3 courses together, you’ll save nearly $1,000 in comparison to registering for these courses individually.

In this program, you will learn how to:

  • Apply all four quadrants of software testing to ensure the effectiveness of both business facing and technology facing testing.
  • Accelerate defect detection and correction and lower integration costs through continuous integration.
  • “Build the product right” by applying techniques like Test-Driven Development (TDD)
  • Construct modeling and diagramming techniques
  • Write the steps of an automated test
  • Exploit automated testing for data-driven, multi-platform and cross-browser testing
  • Use test automation for implementing continuous integration

Courses Included in the Software Tester Jumpstart Program:

When you enroll into the Jumpstart Program, you will be given a personal advisor to help you determine what is best for meeting your goals, to answer any of your questions, and to set up a personal plan for completing your courses.

Simply fill out your contact information. Your training advisor will then contact you to discuss delivery options and more.

Fundamentals of Software Testing (eLearning)

The first course in this series will provide an eye-opening view into the challenging task of software testing. You will learn the testing process, how it fits into the development life cycle, how to properly scope and prioritize testing activities, and what techniques to use for optimal results. After this initial course, you will come away with many ideas that you can apply in your own projects to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of testing efforts.

Agile Testing (In-Person, Live-Online or eLearning)

Agile Testing opens new areas of opportunity to build strength in product quality, process improvement and test confidence. This course will introduce you to the Agile Testing Process, highlighting what changes must be made to apply the best testing principles into new roles. You will explore Agile Testing practices that you can immediately take from the classroom into the office.

Test Automation Boot Camp (In-Person or Live-Online)

In this final course, you will learn how to improve your development throughout and reliability by replacing slow, boring, and error-prone manual testing with fast, repeatable automated tests. You will learn to organize your systems and processes to get the most out of automated testing, improve system reliability by improving test coverage, and support deployments across many platforms with a single set of reusable tests.

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