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Use coupon code LEARN21 at checkout for 21% off any course. Valid through 9/30/21.
*Offer excludes Scaled Agile (SAFe®) courses, CSP-SM and private team training.

Agile-Driven DevOps Workshop

2 days | 14 PDU

Successful DevOps transformation starts with top-to-bottom agility throughout your entire organization. Despite the widespread success of agile development practices, success is limited if agile practices do not reach beyond development teams to deploy products delivering…

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Enterprise UX & UI Design Boot Camp

4 days

User Experience is continuing to grow as a field and the individual disciplines are maturing, but integrating UX best practices continues to be a struggle within large enterprises. Creating cohesive UX strategies across lines of…

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Agile Project Management eLearning

days5 PDU

In this Agile Project Management training course, you will learn advanced project management skills to help you, the servant leader of your Agile teams, enable your team(s) to deliver what your customers want faster and…

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Agile Testing eLearning

days8 PDU

Building on traditional risk-based test practice we are now challenged by incremental delivery. To address but not inhibit Agility, we examine concepts like pair testing and strengthening relationships in a team setting to build a…

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Change Management for Digital Transformation

3 days

The churn of technology evolution, its impact on teams, and its sweeping effects on behavior in a complex enterprise – getting change management right is a critical ingredient for digitally-enabled progress. Our senior technology coaches…

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Jira for Teams

1 day

In this Jira training course, attendees will learn the Jira fundamentals and some core concepts that allow teams to work together. The Jira for Teams course covers important Jira skills through lecture, demonstration, and hands-on…

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Adopting and Adapting Agility in Hardware

2 days

Unlike traditional team-based, Agile 101 courses that teach process mechanics, this course takes you beyond the “rules of agile” to understanding the intent and purpose behind the values, principles, and practices. Students learn how to…

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Women’s Leadership Certificate Program

2 days | 12 PDU

Women at every level of an organization can be strong leaders—bringing essential skills like team leadership, strategic thinking and business acumen to their roles. To flourish as a leader, a woman needs not only the…

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Engineering for Agility (.NET)

2 days

Agility is not just for humans. If our software is brittle and inflexible, our ability to pivot with market demands is severely compromised. Whether we are working with new code or old, the agility we…

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