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Agile Courses

We take an “all in” approach with our Agile training and coaching philosophy, focusing across the enterprise, not just IT. Our Agile training courses are highly interactive and offer a “hands on” learning approach. Participants will be able to hit the ground running to successfully implement agile methodologies within your teams and departments, and ultimately across the organization. Whether your team is new to Agile or trying to scale Agile, Cprime Learning has the training courses and coaching solutions that will make a difference.

Agile Engineering

Tooling and engineering are core tenets to the origins of Agile. Learn how to quickly iterate, gather feedback, and improve product design with hands-on exercises and engaging lectures.

Agile Testing

Traditional software testing practices do not coincide with today's incremental Agile deliveries. These courses will equip you with Agile testing skills and best practices that you can immediately take from the classroom into the office with newfound confidence.

Driving Agile Change & Adoption

Becoming an effective change agent is not an easy task, but skilled agents of change are often one of the roles that can make or break a transformation. This series of courses will give you the skills and experiences needed to coach, facilitate and lead your teams to true business and technical agility.

Foundations & Adoption

To enable enterprise-wide agility in an organization, a fundamental level of agile knowledge is needed by every single person in the organization. This knowledge is imperative if you want to bring about the adoption of Agile practices. The courses in this section act as a starting point for you to acquire the techniques, skills, and tools that enable you to build an Agile practice.


Maximizing customer value while minimizing waste is the core idea behind Lean. Our Lean training infuses the core principles and ideas of Lean with hands-on exercises and engaging lectures to help you and your teams unlock continuous improvement in all areas of your organization.

Projects & Programs

Project and Program management have been long-standing pillars in the business world. Now that Agile has jumped the chasm over to business operations from software development, the way that we manage projects and programs must evolve. These courses will elevate your understanding of traditional project and program management into the world of Agile.