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*Offer excludes Scaled Agile (SAFe®) courses, CSP-SM and private team training.

Cybersecurity : Application Security Courses

DevSecOps Boot Camp

3 days | 21 PDU

This DevSecOps training boot camp is the most practical, in-depth educational solution for teams who want to understand, apply, and improve their skills on “shifting left” in IT security. This expert-led boot camp focuses on…

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Fundamentals of Secure Application Development

2 days | 14 PDU

The vast majority of hacks are not due to insecure networks or misconfigured firewalls; they are a result of common software flaws that get coded into applications. Even with good information security policy and staff,…

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SonarQube Boot Camp

2 days

Your business and career depend on your ability to produce secure, reliable, and error-free code quickly. But code is never perfect, even if it’s been thoroughly reviewed, backed by a complete suite of tests, or…

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Application Security with Snyk

2 days

Security is one of the major pillars of your application, without this pillar, the chances of your application crumbling are high. The reason to focus more on security right from the earliest stages is simple:…

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Implementing End-to-End Encryption

2 days

The role that privacy plays in the success of your application can not be understated. If your application doesn’t ensure privacy, it gives your user a reason not to use it. Among all the approaches in…

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Python for Security Analysts & Professionals

4 days

Geared for experienced security professionals, this class is an introductory, practical, hands-on Python training course that leads the student from the basics of writing and running Python scripts to more advanced features such as file…

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Security Engineering on AWS

3 days

This AWS Security course demonstrates how to efficiently use AWS security services to stay secure in the AWS Cloud. The course focuses on the security practices that AWS recommends for enhancing the security of your…

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