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Need a better product strategy?

See how we help product teams get from planning to launch faster!

Strategic Roadmapping

Determine the most strategic things to build, and in which order, to create a product horizion and deliver the most value

Bring Ideas into Action Faster

Break down initiatives into individual stories to bring alignment, prioritization and clarity to your product strategy

Rapid Prototyping and Lean UX

Build, plan & measure for fast expermentation to prove value quicker

Fast Customer Feedback Loops

Put your customers at the center of your workflow to adapt to their needs quicker.

Get started building the right things faster

Product Courses

We provide immersive learning that provides concrete experience rooted in products and services. Courses are keenly focused on product discovery and product design. Courses include: Product Ownership, Product Agility: Discovery and Delivery, and Scaling Product Agility

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Product Dojos

Teams select a product idea to explore. From there, they perform initial discovery before heading out to validate their idea with customer interviews, prototype learning and other lightweight validation tools. Dojos focus on blending discovery and delivery in order to fuel continuous product learning.

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Product Discovery Workshop

Participants learn agile product discovery practices while working on a candidate product initiative. At the end of the workshop the product idea has a prioritized release backlog. The product backlog enables tracking of progress and tracking of value delivered and also serves as a roadmap for delivery.

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