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Our experts are continually creating webinars, articles, white papers and more, so that we can share our knowledge with out community and clients

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Virtual Solutions
WebinarLeading Remote Teams in Times of Stress: Strategies for Productivity, Sanity and Connectedness in the New Normal

Going remote is always difficult, but doing it in the current environment makes it a much greater challenge. The good…

WebinarRemote Working in a SAFe Environment: Collaborative Online Meetings and Fully Distributed PI Planning

While both the Agile Manifesto and SAFe highlight the benefits of face-to-face communication, it has often been the case that…

Tool/TemplateThe Scrum Master’s Guide to Remote Delivery

What do Scrum Masters need to do to adapt to a remote, virtual environment and remain high functioning? Stay flexible…

Tool/TemplateThe RTE’S Guide to Remote Delivery

What do Release Train Engineers need to do to adapt to a remote, virtual environment and remain high functioning? Stay…

Virtual Solutions
Tool/Template3 Ways to Leverage an Agile Mindset for Success: Infographic

Finding Opportunity in Disruption Agile, by definition, is the ability to move quickly and easily, even in times of major…

Virtual Solutions
Tool/Template5 Behaviors to Optimize Remote Collaboration

Are your teams suddenly adjusting to working 100% remote? After 10+ years of experience delivering consulting services to clients, here…

Tool/TemplateVirtual PI Planning in 4 Days (Infographic)

Have you suddenly found yourself in a 100% remote organization? Not to fear, Cprime has forged a fool-proof virtual strategy…

Product Management/Agility
Tool/TemplateVirtual White Boarding Example

Post-it notes, dry erase markers, and white boards are the dearly loved tools of our trade. However, do not fear.…