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Our online learning center provides unlimited access to downloadable tools, templates and white papers and over 100 hours of online instruction – AND our library continues to grow monthly. This is the most cost effective and convenient way to help get you ready and Agile.

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Most Popular One Hour Sessions:

• Validating And Monitoring Agile Performance
• A Peek Inside Agile – Understanding Scrum And Kanban
• Continuous Integration And The Release Maturity Model
• Overcoming Impediments To Agile Transformation
• Managing Distributed Teams
• What You Can Do With Kanban
• Test-Driven Development Basics
• Story Telling For Product Owners And BA’s
• The Essential Product Owner
• My Role As An Agile Manager
• Being Agile Without Using Agile
• Creating Sprint Reviews
• A Group Of Agile Teams Is Not Org Agility
• Agile Methods Embedded in US Military
• The Economics of Scrum
• Applying Organizational Change and Leadership in Agile Transformations
• Overcoming Resistance to Agile
• Introduction to Portfolio Management
• SAFe in JIRA by cPrime
• Agile Quality Engineering
• Optimizing Confluence User Experience
• Recipes For Agile Governance – 1
• Essential Patterns Of Mature Agile Leaders
• RAGE Portfolio Management
• RAGE Hybrid Project Governance
• Product Owner Playbook
• Your Team Is Agile But Are They Performing
• Safe Introduction
• Agile Project Management in A Waterfall World
• Team Optimization Webinar
• Beyond The ScrumMaster Role – Becoming An Agile Coach
• Rapid Estimation
• Scrum & Agile Essentials

Most Popular Full Courses:

  • Agile in the Enterprise
  • Agile for Managers
  • Confluence Fundamentals Online
  • Agile Leadership Online (recording)
  • RAGE Online Series
  • Distributed & Cross Functional
  • Teams at the Program Level
  • Agile in Marketing
  • Release Planning & Story Writing Workshop

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