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As a SAFe Gold SPCT Partner, we are committed to helping clients best adopt the Scaled Agile Framework. We have compiled a list the the most frequently asked questions about the Scaled Agile Framework and provided answers from our subject matter experts!

Questions include:

  • What is the Scaled Agile Framework?
  • Who is Scaled Agile Inc.?
  • Can you explain the SAFe ‘Big Picture’?
  • What principles is SAFe based on?
  • How long has SAFe been around?
  • What’s the benefit of adopting SAFe?
  • What levels of my organization does SAFe address?
  • How long does it take to implement SAFe?
  • What companies have successfully scaled with SAFe?
  • What are alternatives to SAFe?
  • What artifacts will help me to adopt SAFe?
  • How do I learn if SAFe is right for my organization?
  • How do I get started with SAFe?
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