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Agile Methodologies

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3 Ways Disciplined Agile Will Change Your Team Forever!

Recently, I have been studying Disciplined Agile (DA) quite a bit. Despite having implemented DAD (Disciplined Agile Delivery) over 10 years ago, I was intrigued by how this approach has evolved over this period of...

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Achieving Business Agility in Systems Engineering (Part 1)

Achieving Business Agility Today\'s businesses have multiple competing forces to contend with. There are changes in market dynamics, changes in workforce competition and competitor landscape, not to mention global influences. More companies than ever before...

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Seeking Real World Business Agility

You’ve probably heard the term “business agility” thrown around a lot in recent years. It’s becoming one of those catchphrases that everyone knows is important, most think they understand, but few agree on what it...

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Overview of What’s New and What’s Different in SAFe 5.0

OVERVIEW OF SAFe 5.0 CHANGES At this year’s Global SAFe Summit, Scaled Agile Inc. announced a new version of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFeTM). The new version 5.0 provides a simplified presentation of the model...

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7 Things You Need Do for a Successful Agile Framework Upgrade

Frameworks evolve because people are learning how to do things better. After analyzing the framework and combining it with what has been observed to work in organizations, some changes can be implemented. For example, as...

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Test Driven Product: Applying Test Driven Thinking to the Product

  Presentation Transcript All right. Thanks very much for having me. So ... And you set things up nicely. My background is, as a programmer I spent most of the 90s building things. I certainly...

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Three Ways Agile Coaching Makes You Look Smarter

Learning Agile terms, processes, and methodologies is one thing. Putting them into practice is quite another. Many times, teams or even entire organizations will get off on the right foot by obtaining some fantastic Agile...

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Aligning Hybrid Projects – The Agile Approach

Just a few weeks ago, we discussed how waterfall and Agile projects can work together. This is vital information, because even in the best of circumstances, no organization is going to be able to handle...

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