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Learn more about Atlassian software and management of your Atlassian tool stack, including Jira, Jira Align, Confluence, and more.

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JIRA vs Gemini

In an era in where technology is constantly changing and new technological tools are appearing each day how can you know which tool is the best for you? JIRA and Gemini are two products that...

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Google Analytics for Confluence Pages

How do you know how many people are looking at the amazing confluence page you have created or how do you know which tool is even suitable to do this job? Let me introduce you...

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Confluence Voting

JIRA and Confluence finally came together to create an amazing tool called Confluence voting. What is Confluence Voting you may ask? In a nut shell Confluence Voting is a Plugin that brings watching and voting...

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Team Collaboration Software: JIRA vs. Assembla

By: Surid Olivera   Every great team uses some type of tool or software to help improve company communications & increase employee productivity. There are tons of tools on the market today. As Atlassian Platinum...

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Cprime and AgileCraft Partner to Better Enable Enterprise-wide Agility with JIRA

Partnership enables organizations committed to Atlassian suite to scale agile across all levels of the enterprise – including team, program, portfolio and enterprise levels “ \"Customers interested in scaling agile to the enterprise are rapidly...

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JIRA System Admin Training Series by Cprime

Our JIRA Admin Virtual Course is now available!   SIGN UP FOR THE SERIES HERE   Catch a preview by watching the video below; our instructor, Brandon Huff, walks us through the high-level concepts that...

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What you Missed from Atlassian Summit 2015

  If you missed out on this year’s Atlassian Summit, we will give the round up and fill you in, as if you didn’t. This year’s theme was Smarter, Better, Faster, Stronger Teams – we...

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How to Overcome the Top Five Challenges in JIRA

JIRA by Atlassian has become the standard for project management software among Agile teams in recent years. But, as with all tools, there are little quirks here and there that most of us have learned...

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How Service Desk Can Redefine What IT Means to Your Business

Sad to say, some IT departments are in a constant state of organized chaos. Internally, the IT department is historically despised simply because every time an associate has a problem it instantly becomes the biggest...

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Factoids: Atlassian Enterprise Offerings

You have questions, we have answers. Here is the info you want to know about Atlassian\'s Enterprise Offerings. What are the Enterprise different offerings? The Data Center deployment option provides high availability and performance at...

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Designing and Planning a Jira Data Center Installation

A Data Center installation is not the easiest thing to execute. It will involve a great deal of preparation, planning and designing. Even though this venture will not be easy, we know that the vast...

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Recap of the 2014 Atlassian Summit

September\'s Atlassian Summit 2014 was an exciting and fun event and cPrime is proud and glad to have been involved. There were way too many great sessions, speakers, training opportunities, networking opportunities, and announcements to...

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