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Learn more about DevOps methodology including main topic areas of ci/cd, infrastructure automation, cloud, test automation, health checks, and more.

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How to Integrate Jenkins with GitHub

Jenkins has become one of the most popular tools to create CI/CD pipelines. There are many reasons for this, and one is the number of plugins and integrations that allow users to work with almost...

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AI Engineers: Your Guide to What They Are and How to Become One

As a species, we’ve long been obsessed with finding an intelligent existence that would help us survive in this world. We started by domesticating wolves and cattle more than 10,000 years ago. Then, we trained...

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Building Your First CI/CD Pipeline on AWS

AWS CodeDeploy deploys your applications, lambda functions, and static files to AWS computing services. A continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline has four major components, and each of these components can be switched out for different...

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How to Build a SRE Team in Your Organization

So you’ve read up on the value of having an SRE team and want to start one at your organization. However, that task can feel daunting. This isn’t like creating a new application team that...

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Cprime + Slack – What, Why, and How?

Slack recently announced the launch of their Services Partner Program. We, at Cprime, are thrilled to be among the first certified Slack Services Partners. Of course, this raises a few important questions, which we\'ll address...

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How to Create Effective Dashboards in Splunk

While there might be a lot of data in your Splunk server(s), it’s useless if you can’t get valuable information from Splunk. One way to get value from data is by using dashboards. In Splunk,...

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Azure DevOps Tutorial: Agile Project Management

Azure DevOps is a suite of related tools that allows software teams to track work, manage code, run builds, deploy applications, and manage tests. It’s a centralized, complete, and seamlessly integrated set of tools that...

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Log Management With ELK and Why You Should Care

Sometimes, small things can cause big problems. You make a move that you think is going to make things easier, but while that can happen, it can also make things harder. That’s the case with...

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Ansible Tutorial: A Helpful Guide, No Experience Required

Ansible is an automation tool for cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, and other IT operations. You can use it for simple tasks, like deploying and configuring software releases, or for managing complicated multi-tier environments....

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How to Optimize your DevOps Environment in the Cloud

Companies rely upon various DevOps solutions to improve productivity, scalability, and resiliency. Such cloud computing services as AWS (Amazon Web Services) may provide organizations with the right combination of services to meet their goals and allow them...

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Install and Manage Sourcetree for Your Bitbucket Git Repository on Your Mac

Setting up a project is both stressful and fun! One of the first decisions you’ll make is where to store your code. Somewhere that’s easy to use and easy to integrate with other tools normally...

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TDD vs. BDD vs. ATDD

Software development can be overwhelming. There are tons of languages, frameworks, and tools to know about. Plus, there are processes to follow. For a developer, it’s often not the work of writing out code that’s...

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