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Learn more about DevOps methodology including main topic areas of ci/cd, infrastructure automation, cloud, test automation, health checks, and more.

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What Is AIOps and Why Should You Care About It?

Although we’re still just getting used to DevOps, there’s a new Ops kid on the block. And this kid picks up where DevOps left off, providing better operations and monitoring through increased data processing and...

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System Monitoring in the Age of Site Reliability Engineering

Google’s Site Reliability Engineering book came out a few years ago. Since then, the Site Reliability Engineering movement has taken over many organizations in search of better reliability and observability. This post will look at...

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Enterprise DevOps Strategy: Where to Start

You may have heard of DevOps. You may even be familiar with what it is. But the teams under you may not understand how to implement it successfully. This is normal, as DevOps is a...

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Deploying Your First Web App to Tomcat on Docker

Docker is a platform for developers and sysadmins to develop, deploy, and run applications with containers. As we explained in the previous post, Docker containers wrap up software and its dependencies into a standardized unit...

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Transforming Culture With Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) proclaims many advantages for distributed systems. It improves infrastructure automation, increases reliability, and transforms incident management. However, an often-overlooked benefit of Site Reliability Engineering involves culture transformation. When reading Google’s Site...

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TDD Inside, Outside, Upside Down

Test-Driven Development: Really, It’s a Design Technique Test-driven Development (TDD) is by now an established technique for delivering better software faster and sustainably over time. TDD is based on a simple idea: write a failing...

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Re:Invent 2018 – Lessons Learned and What’s in Store for Your Agile/DevOps Journey

Webinar Transcript Myriam - Good morning, good afternoon, good evening to all. We\'re very excited that you were able to join us today on this expert panel webinar, AWS re:invent 2018 - Lessons learned and...

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AWS is the Ultimate Cloud Computing Option for Companies on the Atlassian Tech Stack

If you’re currently running the Atlassian tech stack and consider migrating to the cloud, you should take a closer look at Amazon Web Services (AWS). There’s simply no better cloud environment for Atlassian than AWS....

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Advanced Git Commands: Cherry-Picking

As developers, we first start out learning to use Git via simple repetition. We do the typical Git pull, Git push, Git fetch, and Git merge. At the start, we learn by doing, but after...

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What Does a Good Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Look Like?

The key to a successful Minimum Viable Product is not any specific feature or any product-oriented characteristic. In fact, a successful Minimum Viable Product will almost always not be very good. I will explain. The...

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Move to cloud to maintain a business modern edge with AWS

An introduction to AWS Cloud To know Cloud strategy is to love Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services (AWS), first released in 2006, is the leading cloud services platform that offers computing power, database storage,...

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A Visual Guide to DevOps Tooling

Too many choices are actually a bad thing. They paralyze customers from being able to differentiate choices, understand tradeoffs, and ultimately make decisions. This is true for Peanut Butter and it\'s especially true for DevOps...

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