Cprime, the largest Agile and Atlassian consulting company in the United States, announced today that it has acquired a division of Kepler, creator of JJUPIN, a popular add-on for Atlassian JIRA. As part of the acquisition, Cprime is renaming JJUPIN to Power Scripts for JIRA™ and releasing a new version with enhanced features.

Power Scripts for JIRA is an automated scripting tool that makes JIRA much more capable and usable for software organizations. Power Scripts for JIRA is also less expensive than other third-party plugins, while providing far more features than its competitors. It can automate anything in JIRA that a user wants, eliminating the need for additional plugins. For example, the Scheduler feature allows users to automatically run a routine at the time they set.

In addition to automation, Power Scripts for JIRA can customize workflows to fit an organization’s needs. Users can restrict an employee from working on an issue until a manager has approved it, for example, or they can block an employee from closing a ticket until all sub-tasks are finished.

The newest version of Power Scripts for JIRA delivers JQL Support for the JIRA Query Language. A simplified Workflow View allows users to see how screens will look for each issue type, and the new Listener feature actively waits to map an action to an event or multiple events until one occurs. Finally, a new Email Handler has been added so that users can process incoming mail with custom scripts.

Power Scripts for JIRA is programmed in an easy-to-use scripting language, SIL (Simple Issue Language), designed to empower the JIRA user. With SIL, Power Scripts for JIRA can hide, show, enable and disable different UI elements. One of the key features of Power Scripts for JIRA is that it can “shield” the user from JIRA script, so they can safely upgrade their customization no matter which version they’re using. It can hide the complexities of JIRA code behind SIL routines, making customized scripts portable between JIRA versions. This is unique among scripting add-ons in the Atlassian Marketplace.

“Power Scripts for JIRA strengthens our ability to help clients save time and hassle,” said Zubin Irani, founder and CEO of Cprime. “Our acquisition of Kepler expands our developer team and base of plugins, helping Cprime effectively solve issues for our clients with consulting, managed services, and tools.”

Expert JIRA user Felix M. commented, “(Power Scripts for JIRA) is one of the best plugins I have used. As a consultant, it has allowed me to take my ‘JIRA Game’ to the next level…Last but not least, the price is very cheap with respect to the value you will get out of (it). It allows you to replace several other plugins you might use today. If you’re serious about using JIRA, you’ll love Power Scripts for JIRA.”

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Maxwell Traers
Maxwell Traers
Technical Content Contributor, Cprime